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Sunday, March 21, 2010


The shoot went relative well, I had a few disgruntled clients who were unhappy because I didn't drop whatever I was doing and take care of their emergency. It became  easier every day to say "No". Jeanie and I had a pretty good routine going and were giving some thought to canceling  1/2 of the shoots I had scheduled for the year.

I was in a hurry to get back to Waco and the new trailer.   I completed the work I had taken in on the last morning of the shoot and did not take in any work for the afternoon. I spent  the afternoon cleaning the shop and getting ready to pack up. I had everything packed in the trailer before 10 PM. The next morning when the dew had dried I packed the tents and said Good by to National until the Fall.

It was time for a haircut and for Jeanie to meet Mr. Earp. We looped around San Antonio got back on the Infernal State 35  and hooked it through downtown Austin on the Overhead. We took exit  266, which is TX 195 north to Florance,TX Home of the best barber I ever found.
Jeanie in front of the barber shop.

 Jeanie and Mr Earp 4th or 5th ( I cant remember which) Great Grandson Of Wyatt Earp.

After a long over due fine hair cut, Jeanie and I stayed on back roads to Waco. The Bluebonnets ,Texas state flower were in full bloom as were many other wild flowers.
This picture just doesn't do justice to what we were looking at. Close to 600 acres of beautiful Bluebonnets behind Jeanie.

More wild flowers along the back roads.

We arrived at the Waco gun club just before Dark, the big pecan trees in front were just starting to bud.
  We got parked in our spot for the shoot, plugged in and went over to check on the new trailer.

Jeanie was brand new to Fire ants and drove her wheel chair through a fire ant mound. They were hard to see in the almost gone daylight.  Thankfully she was moving fast enough that none got on her tires or if they did they fell off. I stepped right where she had been and they were in full attract mode. When I felt the first sting . I started stomping my feet because I knew there was more to come if I didn't get them off.  Only 2-3 got me but we were more careful after that. It was not unusual to see Jeanie giving the Fire Ant mounds a wide berth while we were at Waco.

Fire And mound.

 When we got to the new trailer ,we could hardly wait to open the doors and check it out .
C & M FACTOR STRIKES AGAIN.... What the heck only the floor is done :-((((

Tomorrow: What now Coach?

I plan to have a Great day, I hope you will Join me.

Today is our 6th anniversary of going on the road and being together 24/7. 



  1. Congratulations on your anniversary. I LOVE your stories. Keep writing and pulling my leg please :0)

  2. Thank you Katie

    I will have another very good story in 3-4 days. It makes me shake to think about it almost 6 years later

    Thanks for coming by