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Wednesday, March 31, 2010


After a good nights sleep, it was time to get serious. I cant see color with less than 2 cups of coffee. While Jeanie's bottle was warming up and building air pressure I checked all the tires and we were off to find a parts store for some new spark plugs for the generator.

We had gone a few blocks when we spotted a Napa parts store with a huge parking lot. With in ten minutes The plugs were changed and the generator running.  Yep it was time for my morning chat with Juan Valdez, life is good.

After coffee and Breakfast on the Napa parking lot we hooked em for Montrose,CO. There we turned south on U.S. 550 to Ridgeway,CO, where we turned West  on CO State Highway 62 to Placerville. At Placerville  we turned South on on Colorado State highway 145. What a great  ride that was. only 4 miles to Sawpit,CO a beautiful little town, then  Telluride, Lizard head pass and Rico. Rico is just to neat for words.Stoner and then Dolores, We had a wonderful day, my neck was sore from Rubber necking. I loved Jeanie Bottle so much. No worry about over heating on long pulls or hot brakes going down the other side. Not worrying about being  under powered and having Jeanie along with me just made it super special. Ole winnie had served me well but I would have never dared travel this country with her.

We rolled in to the Cortez,CO gun club in the late afternoon and set up.  We had wonderful view out our back window.It changed constantly as the day progressed.
 In full sun
Late in the day.
Almost dark and getting cool in the high desert
As I have said before, once you have seen one gun Club you have seen them all. About the only thing that ever changed with the view out our front window, was when shooters on the trap fields came to visit this yellow monument. I think it must have been some kind of sacred place, only one shooter at a time could go in and others lined up outside to wait. I heard many  shout Jesus  Christ, man and OMG I hope he hurries :-))
The shoot was a good shoot and we were happy to hear, that on Saturday night they were going to do a big Bratwurst  supper. When I closed the shop, I went by to check on the Bratwurst. They were boiling them with cabbage. I really didn't think that was something I wanted, so Jeanie and I ate grilled chicken from our grill.

Jeanie and I were having a great time since we left Texas and had seen some Incredible sights.The big thing was  that I was developing an attitude, to say the least. As I have said before I don't like guns and I was only here for the money. I had already canceled  1/2 of my shoots for the year, so I thought I could live with that for the rest of the year.

My next shoot was at Raton, New Mexico, at the N.R.A. facility. If there is any one organization in America that I think is more despicable than the KKK, Skin Heads and militias it is the National Rifle Association. That probably was not helping a lot with the attitude situation.

 I was  packed up and ready to roll by 4 PM on Sunday. After everyone left the club I hooked up to the trailer, and check everything that need to be check and got ready for a early start. that would be 8-8:30 after coffee and we would have breakfast on the road somewhere.

Tomorrow: Eastbound across the Continental Divide again

I plan to have a great day, I hope you will join me
Thanks for checking on us.


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