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Wednesday, March 3, 2010


 Yesterday we had Two stopping places. One with me on the way to Ft.worth to a shoot and the second picking up the truck on Thanksgiving Eve.  After the shoot in Ft. worth I came back to Austin, to the Capitol City Gun Club and did a shoot there. I left my trailer and tents set up because that is where I planned to stay until I left for Christmas in California, which at this point was less than a month away.

I took  Blackie back to my x- Brother in law, Richard's, place and we resumed work on putting the cabinets in.On weekends I worked shoots at the Gun  Club, it was really nice just to drive up open the doors and be open again.
Remember the C & M factor?. For those of you who don't, That is the Clinton &  McCain factor = the best laid plains yad yad yad.
See that one cabinet in the corner that hangs lower than the rest.That is a perfect example of the C & M factor. The two cabinets on the left were custom made by Richard and I, out of the cabinets we took out. The one that is lower than the rest is the factory bought cabinet . O well as I said before I am not a stickler for uniformity.

Cabinets over the stove.

On Thanksgiving Eve Richard was going to be driving right past the truck lot where The future Jeanie's bottle was setting. I rode with him and drove the truck back to the shop,  that was going to stretched the frame and move the box to the new truck. The job was scheduled to be completed no later than Jan 15,2004.

I had also installed new lights.

Smoke detector, TV satellite receiver, propane leak detector and carbon monoxide detector
 a Fan-Tastic  vent fan and Heat lights above the shower.

Working on a computer desk for Jeanie. Notice the high speed duct tape and 2x2s holding stuff together as I work this one out piece by piece. The notch on the right is for her wheelchair control knob, as done with her 1500 miles away.The desk sets over a Furnace that would be hooked to floor ducts and the entire cabinet enclosed.

A tad of tweaking, cleaning, packing up the shop and its off to CALI -FORN-I-A. for Jeanie to try out all this stuff we had done long distance.

Tomorrow: while I am on the road tomorrow I will fill you in on on some stuff I skipped over. Come ride along and I will put the petal to the metal, we will ride and glide  and I'll talk ya ears off.I love setting behind that big ole steering wheel and listening to those tires sing and that engine purr.Music to my ears!!!

I plan on having a great day, I hope you will join me

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