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Monday, March 8, 2010


Morning Bud, you looked a little droopy eyed this morning.... Yea I think them Dang coyotes held their yearly convention over there last night. Beats the heck out of listing to trains over on Route 66 though. Ya ready for the Mayor's "Start the day right breakfast'?... Dont ask just order it.

Morning mayor, We will both have #1 and I am paying. I know you remember about the 2 cups of coffee .

Well lets see, if I remember right, that is the Cornudes Mountains over there to the North east,Finlay Mountains over there to the south west and the Sierra Diablo Mountains to the East...... Yea they are pretty at sun rise and sunset but I haven't seen it since '87. If Mother Nature wants me to see a sunrise she is going to have to change it to between 8:30 and 10 A.M. I don't know anything worth getting out of bed for that early unless Jeanie needs meds, the house is on fire or I gotta pee :-)))
About 1/2 way up this mountain is the Texas - New Mexico Border

 cornudes mountains
sierra Diablo

Yep Bud, that is a platter not just a plate. 3 platter size pancakes,3 eggs, and a Ham steak. " Start your day right" breakfast. You can take what you dont eat with you, gets a little soggy before lunch but it is still good.

Reckon it is time to check the oil in Blackie, bump the tires, and do a safety check. I'll spruce it up a little inside just in case the Dudes at the border check station want come in and look for Illegals or Drugs. By that time he will have his air pressure up and we'll get him turned around and pointed West... and play Trucks some more.

Just down the road about 20-30 miles we will drop off the Hueco ( pronounce WACO) mountains, you will be able to see El Paso 30 miles away.

 These mountains are known for the Hueco Tanks a very popular spots with locals
Hueco tank
 I want to show you a Sub -Culture, that most folks don't even know about, when we get to El Paso.I lived and drove out of there in '85-'86-'87. I continued to live there until '91.I bought and remodeled a couple of houses and then decided I never wanted to own a yard again.

We are going to turn south off of  U.S.82/190 onto Avenue of the Americas and run it over to infernal,I mean I-10. There are 3 truck stops at that intersection. We are going to park for a couple of hours and turn the CB radio on channel 19. We will just listen and go to the channels we are directed to go to Then we are just going to walk around them for a bit. You will learn a few new words and in general just think " where the heck have I been all my life", You are not alone.

You know what, that is how it is all over the earth. Just  billions and billions of little sub cultures that I call ant hills. It would take pages and years to write them all down. Religious, fraternal organizations,Gangs,Sports, lifestyles and it goes on and on. Just a whole bunch of little ant hill concerned with their own well being.

Well it's been a couple hours now.We followed the CB channels around and could have gotten our wheels and tanks polished,bought smoking dope,(420), co-drivers ( speed), nose candy, (cocaine)  and every kind of stolen item you might want  and there must be 20 coin operated ladies( prostitutes) working this lot.Drivers call them lot lizards..... Sure the cops know it but there aint enough cops in the world to stop it. This is just one area,I know 5 more within 20 miles. 
 You remembering hearing "Copper Penny", she is a lot lizard, on the CB a while ago?  I knew her in '76 when I worked undercover narcotics, She was 16, her sister was 25 and her sister is the one I really knew. Her sister was a Heroin addict and dealer.  She had 3 of the sweetest kids you would ever want to meet. I feed those kids a many burrito or hamburger when I would be at their Moms house and they had nothing to eat. Always wondered what happen to those kids when she got arrested. Wow  that makes Copper penny about 50 now. Wonder how much of her life she lost in lock up.

Now lets take that short walk to the Restaurant and store and fuel desk. This place burned down in the late 80's so it is pretty nice and well kept inside. Back in about '72 this chain started with just a portable building right here, They had 6-8 pumps with a gravel drive way, so you didn't get stuck in the sand. The portable building had a shower, pop machine and  vending machines on one end and the cashier on the other end. The building was right over there about where that back row of trucks are parked. I bought fuel here the first week they were open. They didn't even have underground tanks. One week this was open space and the next week they were  here.

Nice place huh?  See all those people at the gas and diesel pumps out front?,,,,,, You think they have any idea what is going on out back?... no way Jose, you see what I mean about the ant hills?

Let's walk over here to the last row of trucks on the West side. You see that well worn dirt path going over to those buildings? strip joints and topless clubs. They got their own little ant hills. OK  I think I have made my point about sub-cultures. 

Are you hungry yet?...... Didn't think so,Lets go play trucks.... Where we going to stop for the night you say. who knows, when it happens it happens

Out here 20 miles or so ,I am sure you are going to want to roll your window up that other ince or two..... Because long in the 70's  California put a tax on Milk producers or the land got to high or some such thing and the a lot of the Dairymen just picked up and moved to cheap land in New Mexico.Some people say it stinks others say It smells like Money. It smelled like money to me because I had one or two trucks hauling feed or hay in to the Dairies. We hauled sugar beet pulp from Hereford,TX, cotton burs from Seminole,Tex, and grain from all over The Texas panhandle and new Mexico.... You know maybe their right that is pretty rank Odor
Mighty pretty little town with the Organ mountains in the background.
Here we are in the Las Cruces area you are going to find thousand of Pecan trees right along the road.They grow some mighty fine Chili peppers here.

Onions too. Now I think thats pretty cool because I Love all three of them but Guess what. Lots of Billy the kid history.

Ya know what? Ima getting a little on the tired side and I think your left ear is about to bleed, so Ima going to let Blackie have a rest too and we will start on that story tomorrow.

I plan on having a good day, I hope you will Join Me


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