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Thursday, March 18, 2010


After coffee and Breakfast, I help Jeanie get spiffed up for the day.   I Started Jeanie's Bottle and while she was warming up and building air pressure I checked all the tires on Both the trailer and Jeanie's Bottle. I noticed that Fire Ants had decided to make a home around the base of the tongue  jack. I sure was glad I had waited until day time to hook up. I probably would not have noticed them at night until they all stung at once from the knee down. I got them on the run long enough to get hook up and move the trailer  for the shoot.
The old trailer hitched to Jeanie's Bottle the first time at Capitol City Gun Club  Austin, TX
Jeanie at Entrance of Capitol City Gun Club
New decals
Officially " Jeanie's Bottle"
on Bug deflector
Jeanie's dual purpose supervision/observation platform.

I took a couple of days to set up. I really was not in the mood to be doing this. This was the best time of the year to be in Texas as far as I was concerned. It wouldn't be long before the wild flowers would be blooming and the temperature was tolerable as long as we didn't get hit with a hail storm or tornado I was going to be able to handle this until I got the new trailer.

 The other thing that was different was I now needed to consider Jeanie. My Breakfast for Years was either  Raisin Brand mixed with cheerios and a Banana or hot oat meal. Usually eaten in the shop with my coffee. Lunch would be a Sandwich with an Apple later in the afternoon.  For supper, I just never knew what it was going to be or when. Since I didn't cook it was going to be microwavable or cold. One of my favorites was cold sliced peaches and cottage cheese. Many times I would start a TV dinner cooking in the nuker and go back to the shop and not get back to it for an hour or so. I remember the first time Jeanie ask me what I was having for supper, I told her a TV dinner. I told her the way they tasted the best was to open them up when they were done , scrape the stuff out for the coyotes and put Green Chile salsa on the box and eat the box.

That wouldn't work for Jeanie, we had already talked about that. Jeanie  likes good food. Ima not talking gourmet food , Ima  talking good, tasty food and she does like it to be pretty.  She likes 3 meals a day and on a somewhat reasonable schedule. We had discussed this at length over and over again. We knew the first month was going to be the toughest.

We decided to have our coffee and my Breakfast in the morning along with our peace and quite time  from 7-8. At 8 I would open the shop and if she needed to make a potty call before 10 she called me. She liked breakfast around 10 so I would take her for a potty call , if she had not been already and make her Breakfast and go back to the shop. Jeanie liked a light lunch so that was an easy one.I worked in the shop until 6 and if she needed something she called or if she was out visiting she just came to the shop door.

At 6 until 7-7:30 I made supper and relaxed a tad and then back to the shop until no latter than 10PM. Then showers and bed time. I was not taking in any new work. I was just doing the work I had promised to have done before the big shoot in San Antonio.

I managed to get all the jobs I had promised done and a few new jobs before the week was over. It was a stressful week for us both. Jeanie thought she was taking me from my work and I thought I was not devoting enough time to Jeanie.
Spiders were building huge webs in all of the trees.
It was spring and we found this unusual tree,just down the street from the Gun club.

 I Got permission to Set up early In San Antonio so I could go to the factory and pick up my new trailer. The plan was to pull my new trailer back to Waco Gun Club and drop it there.
The Homeless guy That I had given the old Winnie to was going to be Installing the grid on the inside while I was at the shoot at San Antonio and back to Waco for a shoot. The welder was lined up and ready to build the frame for the display grid.

I dropped my  shop trailer in my vendor spot at the Gun club in San Antonio, picked the display grid for the new trailer and hooked it to the factory to get the new trailer.

Tomorrow: the New Trailer and another C & M factor strikes. 

I plan to have a great day, I hope you will join me.


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