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This Blog is gonna be different.I am an independent thinker and many of my ideas are not shared by the Pretty people, so be it. You are going to meet some interesting people, see some interesting places and with a bit of luck I will be able to bring a smile to your face ever now and then. Rojo

Friday, December 30, 2016

Well what a surprise that I find myself here after so long. I don't know if there will be any more post to follow or not.

To say a lot has happen since my last post would be a huge understatement but the big things are we moved to the most peaceful serene place I have ever seen. We now live in Clearlake Oaks ,CA. about 20 feet from the largest fresh water lake in the State.
We completely remodel the cab and living quarters of Jeanie's Bottle now known as "Jeanie & Red's Roadhouse"
Finally we acquired a 1960 Grumman- Olsen shortie Kurbside van. Not necessarily in that order.

This is not ours.Ima reckoning I don't have a pic of it in my files on the computer. RV Kitty is so happy here watching the Swan and Ducks on the lake. Jeanie has decided that the lake is a very old lake and it has wrinkles and not waves.... Ok enough for now I don't want to get addicted to this Blogging thing again. It turned from fun to work work = stress and I am de-stressed.   I plan to have a fantastic day I hope you will join me.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

What a surprise.

 This morning we decided we would do some grocery shopping, that was going to be the big event of the day. Now comes the given, red just dont go any place that a tee shirt and cargo shorts are not welcome. I dont own a suit, tie, dress shirt, or dress shoes. dont need em cause if that is what you have to have for an event I wont be there.Except for about 2 days a year here in the "OC" a tee shirt , shorts and sandals feel mighty fine. On those other 2 days I have a pair of Jeans I bought in 2000 and a pair of leather casual shoes.

Soooooo today I put on my cargo short leather  Teva sandals and reached for a tee shirt but I turned to the closet and took out one of my Hawaiian shirts. Jeanie didn't  notice for about 5 minutes  when she look up from farmville her mouth dropped open and those sparkling brown eyes got big as saucers. She couldn't believe it..... A real shirt. and my leather Tevas that are only for special occasions. I usually wear my regular Tevas. We didnt know it yet but it was going to be a special day.

As we walked into the first store on our list to pick up some specials and her meds, we heard an announcement on the PA that anyone in the store with a Hawaiian shirt on could claim a prise at the front of the store. We found out it was customer appreciation day and they were doing all kind of neat things and a lot of giveaways. We went to claim our prize and it was a big nice cooler with wheels. Jeanie got her face painted like a Rabbit and got a flu shot at the pharmacy when we pick up her meds. The pharmacy people just had to take a pic of Jeanie. I must admit that she look pretty cute but I am a tad prejudice.

  Maybe the lotto ticket I bought will be lucky too. ya just never know the Universe surprises us when we least expect it.

I plan to have a great day, i hope you will join me.

Friday, October 7, 2011


This story is a hard one to tell without dragging out a lot of skeletons and I am not going to do that. You are just going to have to fill in between the lines.

First last and always this is Jeanie's house. Jeanie has a heart bigger than I can every describe. While we were traveling in Jeanie's Bottle she let some relatives who have a very different life style than we do live here. When we came home our patio was a Bar Room complete with a " Party Zone" sign and a mechanical Bass that loudly said " The Bar is open" when you pushed the red button,.a Round bar with stools and a well stocked Beer cooler.

Needless to say the ambiance was a tad chilly when we said we were turning the patio back into a patio. We checked Craigslist and found a free patio table and chairs,
 Jeanie and the start of our new "Serenity Garden" with the Bar Room stuff stacked in the background. Jeanie and I discussed what we had in mind for our patio and decided we wanted it to be a place of serenity with flowing water, birds, and lots of year around colorful plants.. So be it .... We had a lot of concrete and a little dirt. We need more dirt and that meant that some concrete had to go, to be exact a piece of concrete 4 foot wide by 6 foot long by 4 inches thick.    This may be a problem ..... but no problem is to big to conquer to have our serenity Garden.

I plan to have a wonderful day, i hope you will join me.


Thursday, October 6, 2011


If you check my last blog you will understand the title of the blog today.. A facebook friend  ask about starting a blog so I sent her the link to mine. I decided while I was here I might as well write a line or two It has been so long I dont even remember how to post a pic. LOL. 

Well anyway...Our plans when I last posted , as always, were written in the sand. We are still at home and have so many projects going it sometime feels a tad over powering.. Ima thinking that I might just take a few minutes each day for a few days and bring all 16 of my readers up to date on what we have done  in the past 2 1/2 years.

We have learned a lot, had a lot of fun,planned a lot, changed plans a lot, made trips to the Docs a lot, changed meds a lot, and improved our health a lot. O and took a bunch of pics, which i will post when i review how it is done.

The Big things that we have done was turn our Patio into a beautiful serenity garden from a bar room.Learned how to treat Jeanie's Dystonia instantly so the all to regular  trips to ER were eliminated. Started remolding the house and still working on the RV remodel, and of course RV Kitty had to have his equal share of our time.

Ok I got a pic posted so I am on my way. I will review  the instructions and see if I can make a decent blog out of this for a few days or weeks or years..... as always our plans are written in the sand.

I plan to have a wonderful day i hope you will join me.


Sunday, April 11, 2010


That was the sign I posted on my shop when I was about done with fitting stocks. I am posting that here because I may or may not be just about done here.

This posting everyday like I said I would do when I started the blog on 1-1-10 is just to much like work. I dont like the stress of having to Get something together every day. I dont like feeling obligated to scramble to post and it is just not fun anymore.

Kinda like the difference in being a tourist and a traveler I dont like being a tourist.... so If I post I am here and If I dont I am not.

Back in 1983 in a AA meeting, this guy I knew said " I promised myself I wasn't going to do anything for one more day than I enjoyed it,ever again" I adopted that from him and have pretty much practiced it for the past almost 27 years.

Thanks to my Readers, c ya down the road.


Strange pictures and Glenomaer and Mortoner.

 We didn't need an alarm this morning, the Jake brake on the logging trucks coming around the curve out of the tunnel took care of that. Awhhhh but it is a pretty sound, I love the sound of a Jake brake. Didn't even have to get out of bed to hit the generator start switch. Dang it, I did have to get up to get the Juan Valdez 100% Colombian going.

We took some pictures of Rimrock Lake right across the road from us and were  a bit surprised when we got them back. The trees reverse image in the water of the lake was greener than the trees on the side of the mountain in two of the pictures.

Today was going to be an easy day.We were about 60 miles from, Glenoma ,WA, our destination for today. You can pass right through Glenoma and not know you have been there.You could put about 3-4 Glenomas in a small mall parking lot. It is 7 miles East of Morton,Wa home of the Loggers Jubilee. We were here to visit Jeanie's youngest sister and her family as well as go to the Loggers Jamboree.

Glenoma is a beautiful little place, with mountains on both the North and South side. It is not listed on the map but it is about 35-40 miles East of Infernal- State 5 on U.S. 12. I would guess the population at maybe 300.It is about 1/2 way between MT. Rainier and MT. ST, Helens. Morton is 7 miles West of Glenoma with a population of around 1100

MT.Rainier from U.S. 12 Westbound

MT. St. Helens letting off a little pressure.

We visited with Jeanie's family and enjoyed some of her Brother in law's fine cooking, but it dont take to long to see the sights in Glenoma. Jeanie and I got to joking around one night about " You might be in Glenomaer if" and here is the results. The family still wont speak to me but the friends in Randle, 11 miles to the East wanted to publish it in the paper.
You might be in Glenomer if:

You haven't seen the sun in so long ,you have forgotten what a shadow is.

The big social event of the day is going to the post office.
The latest newspaper headlines reads, TRUMAN WINS.

Moss is growing on the side of your trailer house.

Rowdy Reb is a local legend.

Your alarm clock is the Jake brake of a log truck coming off the mountain. 

All direction start with " From the post office"

The OC(ole codgers) cafe and parts store is the "Downtown".

The newest part in stock at the parts store is for a 46 Plymouth.

You go to Mortoner on Saturday night in a log truck.

 You drive 50 miles to get a Wal-Mart fix.

It rains so much ,you think wearing clothes straight out of the washer is normal.

The name of your telephone company is Glenomaer-Mortoner  Smoke signal and firewood communication.

 You see 2 vehicles on U.S. 12 and it is considered a traffic jam.

The siren for the fire truck and ambulance is on a 1950's toy Texaco Fire Chief hat.

 Your Christmas packages arrive in the mail on July 4th.

Because of clouds the last time you saw the moon and stars was in 1953.
The person everyone wants fired is the postmaster.

Sunrise is 11 A.M.

Sunset is 2P.M.

Fast food is driving 90 miles an hour to Mortener for a subway sandwich.

On a still night you can hear the wild Blackberry vines creeping upon you.

It is 93 degrees on may 15 and you still have snow on the ground.

Tomorrow: The Loggers Jubilee.

I plan to have a great day, I hope you will join me.


Thanks for coming by to check on us.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Crossed the snake twice and still going.

It was really cool last night, had to get out the snugly velux blanket.  We got a pretty decent start for us, in fact we had coffee on the go. Only took us about an hour or so to cross the Snake river for the first time that day. We were out of Lewiston,ID and In Clarkston,WA before we knew it

You talk about a change in scenery from mountains, with Forest to Desert,  just almost that quick. There is a lot to be said for the Desert but in Eastern Washington you have to look mighty hard to find it.

We stayed on U.S. 12 to Waitsburg ,where we Stopped and made us a good breakfast. Jeanie was still in to lots of Bacon grease then. The eggs were cook in bacon grease and we had biscuits and gravy to go with it.  Then we rolled on State road 124 to Burbank ,WA where  we crossed the Snake River again, at just about where it joins the Columbia River at U.S. 12./ Infernal State 82 Northbound. At Prosser we  took State Road 22 almost to Yakima. Just as we were leaving Yakima on U.S.12 we saw a fruit stand with Walla Walla onions , local apples and several other items.  It was all on the honor system, just leave your money in the box. They had rocks painted like Red and Green apples. You know how Jeanie is about rocks, she had to have a red and green rock. We bought a bag of onions and some apples. I got an envelope and a note pad  out of Jeanie's Bottle to put the money in with a note that said. " Got a bag of onions and apples. We also got a green rock and a red rock, would have gotten a yellow one too, but you didn't have any. We left a buck for each rock if we owe more just send us a bill.

We were Back in Pretty country again, running along side of the Tieton River.We eased along up the hill enjoying ever second of the drive

We have been up, down, over, around and now under and through. Just the other side of the tunnel was a wide turn out, we pulled over and called it a day.

Tomorrow: Strange pictures and Glenomaer and Mortoner.

I plan to have a great day, I hope you will join me
Thanks for coming by to check on us.