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This Blog is gonna be different.I am an independent thinker and many of my ideas are not shared by the Pretty people, so be it. You are going to meet some interesting people, see some interesting places and with a bit of luck I will be able to bring a smile to your face ever now and then. Rojo

Saturday, October 8, 2011

What a surprise.

 This morning we decided we would do some grocery shopping, that was going to be the big event of the day. Now comes the given, red just dont go any place that a tee shirt and cargo shorts are not welcome. I dont own a suit, tie, dress shirt, or dress shoes. dont need em cause if that is what you have to have for an event I wont be there.Except for about 2 days a year here in the "OC" a tee shirt , shorts and sandals feel mighty fine. On those other 2 days I have a pair of Jeans I bought in 2000 and a pair of leather casual shoes.

Soooooo today I put on my cargo short leather  Teva sandals and reached for a tee shirt but I turned to the closet and took out one of my Hawaiian shirts. Jeanie didn't  notice for about 5 minutes  when she look up from farmville her mouth dropped open and those sparkling brown eyes got big as saucers. She couldn't believe it..... A real shirt. and my leather Tevas that are only for special occasions. I usually wear my regular Tevas. We didnt know it yet but it was going to be a special day.

As we walked into the first store on our list to pick up some specials and her meds, we heard an announcement on the PA that anyone in the store with a Hawaiian shirt on could claim a prise at the front of the store. We found out it was customer appreciation day and they were doing all kind of neat things and a lot of giveaways. We went to claim our prize and it was a big nice cooler with wheels. Jeanie got her face painted like a Rabbit and got a flu shot at the pharmacy when we pick up her meds. The pharmacy people just had to take a pic of Jeanie. I must admit that she look pretty cute but I am a tad prejudice.

  Maybe the lotto ticket I bought will be lucky too. ya just never know the Universe surprises us when we least expect it.

I plan to have a great day, i hope you will join me.


  1. Hey there. I read your comment to Al, and I figured anyone who talks about manifesting is worth checking out. So, howdy! You've been checked out!

    1. Well thank you. The place to really check me out is facebook. Red Meador, I think I am the only one on FB. I gave up blogging for the most part. Just dont have enough time and 1000's of graet stories to tell. LOL