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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Strange pictures and Glenomaer and Mortoner.

 We didn't need an alarm this morning, the Jake brake on the logging trucks coming around the curve out of the tunnel took care of that. Awhhhh but it is a pretty sound, I love the sound of a Jake brake. Didn't even have to get out of bed to hit the generator start switch. Dang it, I did have to get up to get the Juan Valdez 100% Colombian going.

We took some pictures of Rimrock Lake right across the road from us and were  a bit surprised when we got them back. The trees reverse image in the water of the lake was greener than the trees on the side of the mountain in two of the pictures.

Today was going to be an easy day.We were about 60 miles from, Glenoma ,WA, our destination for today. You can pass right through Glenoma and not know you have been there.You could put about 3-4 Glenomas in a small mall parking lot. It is 7 miles East of Morton,Wa home of the Loggers Jubilee. We were here to visit Jeanie's youngest sister and her family as well as go to the Loggers Jamboree.

Glenoma is a beautiful little place, with mountains on both the North and South side. It is not listed on the map but it is about 35-40 miles East of Infernal- State 5 on U.S. 12. I would guess the population at maybe 300.It is about 1/2 way between MT. Rainier and MT. ST, Helens. Morton is 7 miles West of Glenoma with a population of around 1100

MT.Rainier from U.S. 12 Westbound

MT. St. Helens letting off a little pressure.

We visited with Jeanie's family and enjoyed some of her Brother in law's fine cooking, but it dont take to long to see the sights in Glenoma. Jeanie and I got to joking around one night about " You might be in Glenomaer if" and here is the results. The family still wont speak to me but the friends in Randle, 11 miles to the East wanted to publish it in the paper.
You might be in Glenomer if:

You haven't seen the sun in so long ,you have forgotten what a shadow is.

The big social event of the day is going to the post office.
The latest newspaper headlines reads, TRUMAN WINS.

Moss is growing on the side of your trailer house.

Rowdy Reb is a local legend.

Your alarm clock is the Jake brake of a log truck coming off the mountain. 

All direction start with " From the post office"

The OC(ole codgers) cafe and parts store is the "Downtown".

The newest part in stock at the parts store is for a 46 Plymouth.

You go to Mortoner on Saturday night in a log truck.

 You drive 50 miles to get a Wal-Mart fix.

It rains so much ,you think wearing clothes straight out of the washer is normal.

The name of your telephone company is Glenomaer-Mortoner  Smoke signal and firewood communication.

 You see 2 vehicles on U.S. 12 and it is considered a traffic jam.

The siren for the fire truck and ambulance is on a 1950's toy Texaco Fire Chief hat.

 Your Christmas packages arrive in the mail on July 4th.

Because of clouds the last time you saw the moon and stars was in 1953.
The person everyone wants fired is the postmaster.

Sunrise is 11 A.M.

Sunset is 2P.M.

Fast food is driving 90 miles an hour to Mortener for a subway sandwich.

On a still night you can hear the wild Blackberry vines creeping upon you.

It is 93 degrees on may 15 and you still have snow on the ground.

Tomorrow: The Loggers Jubilee.

I plan to have a great day, I hope you will join me.


Thanks for coming by to check on us.

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  1. Boy, sure got some beautiful shots. I really like your blogs