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Friday, April 9, 2010

Heading to the Loggers Jamboree.

This shoot was an interesting shoot , we got to meet a lot of nice folks and a good many that we had never met before. At the bigger shoots you pretty much see the same people over and over again all over the united states, but at the small clubs most of the shooters dont travel very far. They fed us good and invited us back so over all it was good shoot.

We enjoyed a really nice  couple hours drive drive up Montana 1 to Drummond . We like it when we can roll along 35-40 miles an hour with no traffic and plenty of beautiful scenery to look at. Once we got on the Infernal-State 90 West bound,  we had to pick up the pace for about 50 miles. At Missoula we took U.S.93 South bound  for 10-11 miles, to the junction of U.S. 12 West bound at Lolo MT.

U.S. 12 would lead us straight, did I say straight?. Let me rephrase that, following U.S. 12 would lead us up, over , around, through and meandering along some mighty beauty country to the Loggers Jubilee in Morton Washington. The first 175 miles or so was as crooked as a barrel of snakes and incredibly beautiful.

We pulled Lolo pass and crossed in to Idaho again without any problems. Right about here is where you have made a mistake if you dont like up and down, around, about and meeting yourself coming around a curve. You might just as well set back and relax because you are in for a breathtaking drive along the Lochsa River. There are a lot of turn out along the river so we were not going to plan on staying anywhere, we would know it when we saw it.
When we got the picture developed, we noticed that in almost every picture there was a curve ahead.
 or a double curve
Some of the trees were already showing color in August.

Don't crowd the shoulder, the rock over hang will get ya.
We called it a day at Kamiah,ID

Tomorrow:  Crossed the snake twice and still going.

I plan to have a great day, I hope you will join me.

Thanks for coming by to check on us.

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