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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The first J,C. Penny store and on to Idaho

Just like that ornery little doll " Chuckie" We'er back...... To the Trip after a day looking at the flowers.

ALL ABOARD!!! We are now departing Manila, UT for Kemmerer, WY. and Soda Springs ID, via way of  Mc Kinnon,  Burnt Fork and Lone Tree on State road 414. We will be passing through Mountain View , Urie and Ft. Bridger where we will get on Infernal -State 80 west for about 18-20 miles to  U.S. 189 North to Kemmerer. Every time I say that name it reminds me of my long past drinking days when my tongue would get all out of control. :-).

That was a quick 100 miles. I only had time for a  couple of stories about shoots at Evanston. Here we are in the back parking lot of the First J.C. Penny store # 1. For My Readers who have never been in an old fashion J.C. Penny Store I have to tell you this, since my picture turned out to dark to see.

In the old stores, the sales clerk took your money for the purchase and put it in a little container on a trolley and launched it to the second story at the back of the store.  Up stairs the Cashiers checked the sales ticket put the correct change in the little container and launched it back to the sales clerk on the trolley. I bought a many a pair of levies with that same  routine in Borger, Texas. After you got your change back, the sales clerk wrapped your purchase in brown paper off of a big roll on the counter. The paper had J.C. penny printed all over it. The package was then tied with white string off of the big spool next to the paper. Everyone shopping on main street knew who had been to J.C. Penny
Jeanie just about to go shopping in J.C. Penny #1
 We bought a souvenir post card just to get a sales ticket from  J.C. Penny #1

We then went to visit his home near the store. We were disappointed that it did not have handicap access.
We had a bite of lunch back at Jeanie's Bottle and then moseyed on out of town headed to Soda springs ID.

 We got tangled up in some road construction so it was pretty late in the day when we got there. We found a big gravel parking lot and decided that was home for the night.

We had a nice quite cool night and after our morning chat with Juan Valdez we were ready to see the Geyser and Soda springs.
 The color was pretty but the odor was not. we enjoyed it any way.
 Next we went to see the Geyser, this is just to funny see a close up of the sign I am pointing to below.


We decided we were where we were going to be here for the day. We had been sightseeing a way to hard.
 One last picture before we go checking out Soda Springs. Everyone has heard of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, right?

Well how about the leaning silo of Iowa,  near New Sharon, I think it was.

I plan to have a great day, I hope you will Join me
Thanks for coming by to check on us.

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