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Friday, April 2, 2010

Across the continental divide , for the 4th time, Westbound

As we turned off the Infernal-State15 southbound on to U.S.64 Westbound, I was  thinking  about the  next shoot in Rexburg, Idaho At the same time I was Chanting with Jeanie and Juan Valdez, that is to much multi - tasking for me without more coffee.

 Jeanie said" Where are we going to stop tonight?" I said "well I was just thinking about driving straight through to Rexburg so we won't have to hurry to get set up". She just laughed and Said " The way you are pulling my leg ,I will be taller tan you are when we get home".  This lady was really getting to know me now. The real answer was, I dont have any I-DEE but when we get there we will Know it

 we were having a good time and enjoying the rolling prairie, we made a sweep through the neat little Village of cimarron and on to Eagle Nest. Just as we came around a curve ,there was Eagle Nest Lake and  a scenic  turnout. We ate lunch there and enjoyed the view. 

Eagle Nest ,NM lake
We were in for a lot more beautiful scenery. We turned on to NM state 38  north here and went past Red River  NM on the way to Questa. At Questa we took State road 522 South to Arroyo Seco and then joined up with U.S. 64 again.  That little loop was well worth the time it took to make the drive.
Red River

  Our next stop was at  Tres Piedras . I an ashamed to admit that after living in NM and along the border of Mexico for so long that I dont speak Spanish. The only excuse I can offer is I must be lazy. I am told that Tres Piedras means  3 stones or 3 rocks in Spanish.  It meant Prairie Dogs and where we were going to spend the night to us.

These 2 on guard blend in well.
We woke up the next morning to a scolding from the Prairie Dogs, they were scurrying about and talking up a storm. When I started the generator to make coffee, they were gone in a flash. We watched their heads pop out of the borrows and right back in. After we turned the generator off they came back out. Jeanie was fascinated with them and watched as I cooked breakfast.

As we ate breakfast we talked about how the Human race would be extinct if wildlife had the capability to do what humans do. If wildlife laid in wait  and lured humans in with the promise of food or sex and then blew them up with high powered weapons, no human would be left.

I have yet to understand how it can be called a sport to take a high powerd rifle with a high powered scope and kill prairie Dogs or any other wild animal, who are just out trying to make a living,  from 200 yards away.

We said good by to the prairie dogs and headed West to Tierra Amarilla. I knew from living in NM that they loved for you to visit but just dont forget to leave, If you know what I mean. We visited the neat little village and scooted on out toward Chama. The weather was beginning to get nasty as we were leaving.

By the time we got to Chama it was rainy and cold. Just as we got to the West end of town Sleet began to pelt us. Then it started snowing.

July 25 2004 at the junction of U.S. 84 and U.S. 64
The snow was melting fast we had to hustle to get these pics before it melted.

It was only  2-3 more miles to the Continental Dive and by the time we got there the snow  had melted. it appear to have rained more there because all of the potholes in the  turn out were full of water.

Crossing # 4 since our trip began 4 months and 4 days earlier.
We continued on U.S. 64  West to Gobemador,NM where we decided to call it a day, but we didn't have cell service there.We continued on in to Bloomfield,NM for the night on a Wal-Mart parking lot.

Tomorrow; shiprock, 4 corners and points North

I plan to have a great day I hope you will Join me.
Thanks for coming by to check on us.

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