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Monday, March 29, 2010


 We went Back to the old Home place and parked Jeanie's bottle on the  Cleache driveway. Until about '58 or '59 the roads had all been dirt.When the rain came it could get to be a real mess.The county put Cleache on the roads to make them all weather road and we did the same for our drive way. 

 I enjoyed watching the sunset behind the wind brake one more time. It had been about 42 years since I last saw it. We walked around a bit, I showed Jeanie the concrete slab that had been the bottom of our water tank for the livestock and told her about the big gold fish we had in the tank and a couple of catfish.

It was a very peaceful night no Vehicles went down the road that night. The coyotes did their thing and the cool breeze was so calming. At about 7 AM we were awaken to the sound of my cousin starting his spray plane. He kept it parked, at night just, across the road and down about a 1/4 mile at the T in the road.  He used the road for his runway.

Jeanie and I had a leisurely coffee and breakfast, took one more long breath of the fresh morning air and said good bye to the farm.  We went about 1/4 Mile East to where my cousin parked his spray plane and turned north for the mile to the paved road. About a 1/2 mile down the road I heard a familiar noise, We were buzzed by my cousin about 5 feet above the RV. He tipped the planes wings back and forth saying good bye as he made a sharp right bank and went back to land and reload with spray.

We rambled around the back roads of the Texas Panhandle to Stratford, Texas.  When we got to Stratford we stopped to say a quick hello to and old friend. From Stratford We took U.S. 287 north to Boise City,OK, where  We decided it was time for a  snack on the truck stop parking lot.

As we were getting ready to pull out I ask Jeanie if she would like to get high in OK. With one of those ok here goes the leg pulling again,  look in her eyes she said " might as well say yes, because we are going to anyway". We drove over to Black Mesa, right  on the NM state line and the highest point in OK. Jeanie and I both enjoy the prairie very much. On the back roads going back to U.S. 287, just before we got to the Comanche Nation Grassland,  Sunflowers were in bloom everywhere and another plant that we were not familiar with. Jeanie thought they were so pretty, she ask me If I would cut her some.  I stopped Jeanie's bottle right on the road, not much chance of a traffic jam here. As we were gathering flowers, I say to myself, "Self what are we gong to put these in?". I had not been in the habit of carrying flower vases around with me. As we got back in Jeanie's Bottle with the flowers, There was my answer. My high dollar exotic imported Wal-Mart insulated drinking mug.

 Jeanie was happy with her flowers and I was happy that Jeanie was happy. She is so easy to please and asks for so little.
Jeanie was fascinated by the Prairie Dogs. We stopped several times to watch then scurry around and pop in and out of their borrows. We enjoyed the natural prairie scenery as we made our way into Colorado and across the Comanche Nation Grasslands to Campo, Colo.We had a short visit with DR. Gene Schroder, a local vet and hay farmer, for him to meet Jeanie. Gene  and I had been friends for many years.

After the visit with Gene , we headed on North on U.S.287 to Springfield. We were going to try to find some of those beautiful emerald green wheat fields, with the ocean waves, between there and Kit Carson.We would turn West  just past Kit Carson to Colorado Springs and our next shoot.

Just a few miles north of Springfield we found this Beautiful   rest area and said, " This is our camp for tonight.
This is our kind of place. quite natural and Beautiful. no clubhouse, pool, or social gatherings.
.I wonder how million years it took Mother nature to build these Beautiful formations and how long it will take before some scumbag with a can of spray paint thinks he can make an improvement on them. I am glad we got there first.
Back in these days we were still taking pictures with  35MM cameras. We have several packs of pictures that we have misplaced, of this part of the trip. We shot up at least 2 rolls of film on prairie Dogs alone and probably at least 2 rolls each on pike's peak, Pike's peak gun club and the garden of the Gods.Sooooo when we start with pictures in the next post, it will be On U.S. 24 west of Clolrado springs. 

The story at the Gun club is short and sweet. We unloaded and loaded the rolling benches in 3-4 inches of gravel but the fed us like kings.

Tomorrow: Dang , did we really do that

I planed to have a great day, I hope you will Join me.

Thanks for coming by to check on us


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