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This Blog is gonna be different.I am an independent thinker and many of my ideas are not shared by the Pretty people, so be it. You are going to meet some interesting people, see some interesting places and with a bit of luck I will be able to bring a smile to your face ever now and then. Rojo

Monday, March 15, 2010


The most congested freeway in Southern California is the 91.We could see when we turned south on Yorba Linda Blvd,  that the 91 East bound was bumper to bumper dead stop almost. O well we have comfortable seats, a bathroom and all the food we could even think of eating, no use to get in a hurry or upset.. Just set back and enjoy it , We were on our way.We Pulled on the 91 when the green ramp  light came on and we were off like a snail. we were kicking right along at about 3-4 miles an hour.

I just put "Jeanie's Bottle" in about 3rd gear and let her Idle along. If a car in front got a little to far ahead another on would pull in that spot. I dont think I had to use my brakes over once or twice in the 30  or so miles to the 60 freeway, but I did pick up a gear or 2 on down the road .

By the time we got to the Infernal- State 10 it was dark. Neither Jeanie or I cared because we had been over that stretch of road 100's of times and we were pretty familiar with what a Infernal- State road sign looked like. We decided before we got to Indio that we would take111 and go to the Slabs for the night.
C & M factor again I missed the road and ended up on 86 on the West side of the Salton sea instead of the East side.

About the time I got to Salton City, I was relaxed and ready to take a snooze. Jeanie's head was bobbling pretty good so we just pull in a street and parked it.  The Generator wouldn't start, NOW WHAT? I went out side with a flash light and found that the shop had not put a clamp on the gas hose to the generator, The hose came off and had drained 35 gallons of gas out. I bet there were some mad drivers who had been behind me.

We just open the windows and were comfortable, after all it was the Imperial valley in March. The next morning I found an empty parking lot across from a parts store,  in El Centro, and re plumbed the whole shabang. I put in a cut off valve at the tank 2 fuel filters and a 65 cent hose clamp that the shop had neglected to put on.

Man we are off to a great start 24 hours and we are still 60 miles from the Arizona line. Things had been pretty hectic for both of us for about a week so we decided to pull into a RV park and just kick back. We rested, went out for Mexican food, relaxed some more went out for Chicken fried steak got a good nights sleep and played trucks hard the next day.

The second night we stayed on the Gas City Truck stop parking lot, in Benson AZ, not where we had planed on being. 

We were in for a surprise. I went in to get a bag of Ice and Ran in to a old friend from NM. That is a post all in it's self, but I will tell you that the switcharoo that Frank and I pulled had a NM state police Lieutenant's neck veins in a dangerous state of bulge.:-)))

After Frank had met Jeanie and we had jawed a while about his Deer pouching when I was a Deputy, he had to hit the road. We were about to do the same thing when across the parking lot I hear " Hey Rojo", it's Bud, I tell Jeanie. Well we were in for some more Jawing and Bud Bought our supper. 

We decided to just spend the night there. Pretty hard to find a level spot there and one that we can let Jeanie's wheelchair down without being blocked.We did it and sacked out.
 Its  been a good day.

Tomorrow; Doing it to it like Sonny Pruitt
I plan on having a great day, i hope you will join me.

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