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Tuesday, March 23, 2010


For our new readers this is occurring in April 2004 just after Jeanie and my separate roads came together to be one on March 21 2004
It is time for some serious decision making. The one thing that I do know is I want to be out of central Texas ASAP. If I had any clue to what the deal with the trailer was it would help to make some of those decisions. The other thing that I know is that I have a shoot coming up at the club in 2 days so I better get my mumbling butt in gear and get the tents set up.
 Here is Jeanie in the Belly of the whale ,cheering me on. I called the big tent the whale and the small tent the igloo.
 Igloo 10x10
The Whale  10x20
I took the full 2 days to set up the tents. On the afternoon of the first day the Club Manager showed up  for the 4-H  Club weekly practice and apologized all over himself for forgetting to call me.

Junior, the homeless guy, and the welders were cousins. Their uncle had been crushed in an industrial accident and they expected to be gone about 10 days. That meant they should be back in a few more days.

 This did present a tad of a problem. I had sold my shop trailer and the guy was suppose to take possession  2 days after the end of the upcoming weekend shoot..At the end of the weekend skeet shoot everything was originally set to go in the new trailer but now it  had to go in to the tents. I decided to set up shop in the Igloo. It was a bit of an inconvenience from what I was use to but what the heck, I could live with it for  a week or two.

I made a decision right about along here that later prove to be, dumber than a rock.  I could see that we were not going to get the trailer finished as I had envisioned and be able to get on the road before the heat and humidity in central Texas became more than I cared to endure again and I certainly did not want to put Jeanie through it.

I decided I would  work my shop out of the igloo for the summer and when we got back to Texas in the fall we would have Junior finish the trailer. Have you ever looked back and said" what was I thinking" well I did several times during  that summer.

When Junior and his cousin got back, they got the welding and display grid mounted in short order.As soon as the weekend shoot was over we 3 started unloading the shop and mounting all the equipment on 3 rolling bench/cabinet like you see in the picture.
The plan was to hang all the merchandise on hooks mounted on the display grid, much like my store displays. I put a tarp backing on the grid so that you could not see side to side , much like it would be when it was finished. SO far so good.

I had an aluminum ramp to roll the Benches/cabinets out of and into the trailer,it all looks good so far. The trailer would set right behind the tent. I should be able to back in and be open in an hour. That was some change  from 2 days.I was pleased with the Temporary changes we had made.

Tomorrow: Packing the new trailer and Jeanie's Birthday Party

I plan to have a Great day, I hope you will join me.



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