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Friday, March 12, 2010


 Slab City
Morning Bud, Did ya sleep good?  yea me too. Well Ima gonna fill this  2 1/2 cup coffee mug with some of that good ole Colombian coffee and take myself a little walk around, want to go? I dont blame ya, setting in that chair soaking up the sun aint a bad I-DEE. Reckon I better get my big ole sombrero on so I dont get sunburned ears.
I would look like you if that happened. :-))  see ya in a couple hours.
 I found the canal over there. They say there is plenty of fish in it ,if your a mind to fish. 
You aint gonna believe this Bud , a warm shower in the middle of this place, aint Mother nature wonderful.
Yep Bud, you climb down that ladder and there is a natural warm spring shower.
Picking, singing and dancing over at the Range.

Now this appears to be a big draw here. I dont see eye to eye with this guy, Leonard on his religious beliefs,but that aint the point.... Well Bud the point is, that's is his mountain and those are his belief. As far as I am concerned he is a prime example of " Dont just talk the talk, walk the walk" I just cant help but admire what he does and who he is.

I will tell you right off Bud. It will be a cold day in July at the slabs, when I put a dime in a church collection plate for their big fancy buildings.  I  will leave a little something with Leonard to help him with his work.
 Time to roll Bud we got two dates today and even in my hayday that was kinda tough.

Did you see that sign Bud? Ima getting one on the run ,you want one?

Bud my friend, the next exit  on the 91 freeway is Yorba Linda Blvd. Looks like we have just about made it. Where you going to be wanting to go?... You want meet Jeanie ya say? Man, that was pretty rude of me, I should have  invited you for supper. I am going to grill Bratwurst and make German potato salad with Texas sweet Tea.
Here we are, that Jeanie's house right there
Look at that, here it is December 23, and green grass, leaves on the tree except for the sycamore. Man I love Orange County,CA.

Where you from Bud?... Around, aint no answer but I'll just let it go at that, I might be a tad nosey. Well it's time to meet Jeanie. I bet she heard Blackie and is waiting for us with a big smile.
Hey  I sure have missed you. Jeanie this is Bub, Bud this is Jeanie, AKA "Baby Girl".

A friend ask me if Bud could ride along from Austin, Figured the company would be a good thing.

 Wow it's 5 P.M. already, I better get some supper started. I told Bud I was going to make ONE of your favorites. Bratwurst, German potato Salad and Texas sweet tea. Well Ima gonna switch out the potato salad with shells and cheese and make a German Chocolate cake.

 It's ready, Bud did Jeanie talk your ears plum off :-))

 I  gave Bud a guided tour on the way out here. He aint done much talking,but we had a pretty good time, some good date shakes and really bad Truck Stop coffee.

Well thank you, I aint much of a cook. In fact I am not a cook at all but I guess I am going to have to learn. Jeanie and I will be leaving here about the 15th of February, and she loves good  food and it has to be pretty.
 Looks like Nephew,Kevin,  found the cake before I got the icing on it.

The plan Bud, is to see if all this stuff I have done to the box will work for Jeanie, like rolling her in and out of the shower, make sure she can transfer to the bed and back to her wheel chair and that the folding hospital tray and computer desk all work for her.
If there is any problems I will fix them while I am here until January 10th. Then I am going to ease back to the shop over in Texas, where The other truck is. On the 15th they are suppose to change the box over and do the rest of the work and have the new rig ready to roll February 1st.
Man, look at the time, Bud you might as well just spend the night. WHAT??.... Your wife is picking you up when she get off work in about 20 minutes.

Where do you live Bud?... JUST ACROSS THE FREEWAY IN ANAHEIM HILL, you say. wait a minute my head is spinning. What were you doing in Austin?... YOU DOG!!! Your truck is in the shop... YOU ARE A TRUCK DRIVER.
 I guess you guys did set me up big time on this one and I will be walking in circles for years from the way you guys pulled my leg.... I bet you just about broke up when I pulled your leg over that 183 Mile marker stunt.:-)))))) Well I reckon I had it coming cause I have pulled enough legs over the years.:-)  CANT BELIEVE YA GOT ME THAT GOOD .

That must be your wife now Bud, ... Nice to meet you  MS. Bud, would you like a piece of German Chocolate cake?.... Did you know this guy is a DIRTY ROTTEN DOG ;-))  Merry Christmas and you guys dont be strangers since you know where we live. 
 Tomorrow Jeanie tries out the Box.
I plan to have a great day, I hope you will join me

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