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Friday, March 19, 2010

Now for the rest of today's (3-19 )Blog

My what a difference a day makes,especially when most of it is spent laid back in the recliner checking your eyelids for light leaks. I am happy to report that I have Perfect seals on my eyelids.
Now for the rest of today's (3-19 )Blog

 Jeanie and I arrived at the factory to pick up the new trailer and after a few minutes we were greeted by the sales manager who escorted  us to see the Trailer. Rut Row...... The C & M factor strikes again.  When I ordered the first trailer, I had ordered internal door locks. After the  first C & M factor strike of  someone at the factor attaching the wrong spec sheet to my order, I changed the door locks to External cam lock doors at a fairly healthy additional expense.

The trailer didn't have Cam lock doors. That was not a deal breaker. I told them we would come back in a few weeks and install them on our way out of the state.
Jeanie and the New trailer
Both sides open like this.
 8'6" wide and 6'4" inside
We dropped the trailer at the Waco Gun Club for the Floor and Display grid installation, It was late in the afternoon, we decided we had had enough for the day and Plugged Jeanie's Bottle in next to Ole Winne. I think I saw a tear in Winnie's headlights. She had served me well for many years and it was time for her to have an easier life.

The Next morning we checked with the welder and the Homeless guy, Junior, to make sure everything was set to go. We would be back in Waco in 2 weeks for a shoot. We wanted to be able to make the switch to the new trailer after the Waco shoot.

We were off on a little side trip back to San Antonio. I took Jeanie  to Meador Grove,TX. It is Just a Junction of 2 Rural Roads now.  It was founded By my Granddad and was at one time the center of the community.  It had 2 churches, a Grocery store /gas station combination. A dirt basketball, volleyball,tennis court area. For hot summer time church and revivals it had a Brush Arbor. My grandmother's funeral was held in the church. The Meador Grove story will be one of the many stories that I Promised on the first day of this Blog.

As bad as I hated to do it, we got on Infernal state 35 at Belton, TX and hightailed it to the gun club at San Antonio The spring flowers are starting to pop open ad the weather is nice..
Tomorrow: Jeanie makes new friends.

I plan to have a great day, I hope You will join me.

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