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Saturday, March 6, 2010


TX,Nm, 12-2003.. just out of Austin Texas
Good Morning, glad to see you are going to ride along. I filled Blackie  with Diesel on the way back from the gun club, at Wal-mart, for .99 a gallon. It was .87  two weeks ago , should have done it then. We are set to go for a while. I have 300 gallons of fuel on board, I get a tad over 8 miles to the gallon and we have about 1500 miles to go. I will stop at the Flying J. at Anthony, TX right on the N.M. border and top it off because I am not going to by any of that high dollar California fuel. 

Yesterday, Remember I told you I would talk your ears off and if you see me just setting there staring off into space, I am Ok I am just listing to tires and engine and thinking. 

Coffee is in the thermos and the pop is in the cooler. Shout if you need to pee, we are going truckin.

Long before Willie Nelson sung about " ON THE ROAD AGAIN", I was doing it. And when Willie and I were just Little kids I was dreaming of it. My Grandparents lived at 311 Williams street in Marlin, Texas. Williams street was Texas highway 6 back in those days. All day and all night "6 wheelers", as they were called then. Actually they were 18 wheelers back then but the "6 wheeler name had just hung on from when they really did have 6 wheels. Trucks would  be rolling up and down the street. Northbound from Houston and points south and southbound from FT. worth and points north.

My grandparent's place was right at the edge of a hill. The southbound  trucks would be picking up speed going down the hill and the northbound trucks would be grabbing gears coming up the hill. I laid in bed at night when we visited and listened.
The windows all open because we didn't have air condition back in those days. I listened to the tires sing and the drivers grabbing gears. My mind would just follow them along and wonder where they were coming from and where they were going. I wondered what they were hauling and except I could smell the cattle trailers as they went by.You could tell by the sound of the tires if they were loaded or empty.

Maybe that was the beginning of my wonder lust or maybe I was born with it. Maybe I had driven a freight wagon or stagecoach in another life or maybe just a Cowboy Drifter. I don't reckon it is important how I got it, what was important is that for my soul to ever be at peace I had to follow it, and follow it I have.

Well I reckon I outta tell you about our trip plan. We are going to turn west, off this danged ole interstate, up here at Georgetown,TX in a mile or two onto Texas HWY 29 and run it over until it dead ends into U.S 83 then we turn north for 2-3 or 4 miles until we get to Menard.. I usually take short cut in Menard but since you never been there we will go through town,it is a neat little town. We are going to turn west on U.S. 190 and run it plumb to that dang annoying I-10.  I dislike the Interstates with a passion. My best dream ever was seeing  4 of the biggest caterpillars in the world starting at one end of every interstate in America and 4 starting at the other end on the opposite side headed for the coast or Canadian or Mexican border , ripping those suckers out. I reckon a fellow can dream cant he?

When we hit I-10 we just follow it until we get to Beaumont,CA and then we take CA 60 west toward LA. When we get to CA 91 we go  west toward the Beach Cities and then take the Yorba linda Blvd. exit. didn't take long to say it but It will take a while to drive it.

Here is Liberty Hill, the first of the Little towns you need to take an hour or two and visit some day. My Niece, Deanna went to school right over there. It was a lot smaller school then.

This is lake  Buchanan on the Colorado river  but not the same Colorado river that is in NV,AZ,CA. When I cross the Dam here going West I always loosen my belt 2-3 notches,you will see why in about 12-15 miles.

Sure been a pretty drive here along the river and here we are in Llano,TX home of COOPERS Bar-B-Que,the best in the world. You remember that ole Hank Snow song "I BEEN EVERYWHERE"?, Well I have eaten BBQ everywhere and this is the best. You order by the pound, point to what you want in the pit and they cut it for you..Beef, Pork, Chicken, Sausage, Ribs and armadillo. That one got your attention didnt it?.Just joking about the armadillo.

Go on in and have a look see at what they have, while I bump my tires and check the hub temperatures. I already know what I am going to have, one of those huge pork chops. Now if you want sauce on your BBQ they will give it to you, but real BBQ don't have sauce on it,and don't need it
 They have all fixins and don't forget to try the Texas sweet Tea, and the blackberry cobbler OMG. When We get ready to roll I will get a chicken, pork chop and a couple pounds of mixed meats for Jeanie and a big ole container of cobbler.

Lots of pretty country to see between here and the big road, I hope you enjoy it. I just shake my head in disbelief when I hear folks say there aint nothing to see here, just miles and miles of miles. I reckon some folks just don't appreciate  Mother natures handy work. Maybe if it aint a tourist trap it aint the real thing.
 Along about dusk you have to be awful careful because this ole road will be crawling with wildlife. Only a couple of hundred miles to the big road and not near as many Deer over there. 

 Lots of mighty pretty old court houses down through here I hope you will come back and visit them. I really like the one at Mason We just aint got time to stop this time cause I am headed to see my Darlin, Plus I want to show you something over at Iraan, TX that will blow your hat in the Pecos river. 

Did I mention that on two separate occasions I have traveled  this 84 miles of U.S. 190 from Eldorado  to Iraan and did not see one single vehicle, in the day time no less. Now thats my kinda travling.

Well, we made it, this is Irran and I am going to introduce you to the most disgusting burrito in the world. Just as Cooper's was the best BBQ that you can wrap a lip around this is the worst burrito. This little convenience store up her on the right has the worse burrito  in the world, and I am buying. I bet it has been in that warmer with the heat light on it for at least 6 weeks. Dont try to eat it, use it to bump the tires with to make sure they are all still up to pressure. We will just leave it in a trash can somewhere. Buzzards wont even eat it.

Now that you see I am as serious as a heart attract about that burrito, here is what I want to show you about Iraan,Tex. The first thing is it is pronounced Ira-Ann. Named for Ira and Ann Yates who owned a ranch here. Oil was discovered on the ranch and the oil boom was on. 

I know ,what is so spectacular about an oil field in Texas. Well it is a combination of all the rest of the things that this little town of 1280 people have accomplished and then a surprise just happened. That is the part that is gonna blow your hat in the Pecos river.

V.T. Hamlin, the publisher of the local news paper conceived the Idea for the Cave man right here in Irann. I grew up reading Alley Oop in the  comic section of the news paper, and you can still find him in the Yahoo comic section.

Ok now here is the part that I really think is worthy of  recognition and says a lot about the people of this little Town.
New technology and old technology working hand in hand, to the benefit of the people. I have my doubts that you will find anyone in Iraan homeless or with out a job if they want one. Give that a try in LA or Chicago or most other places and see if you can get the people to agree on something that will benefit them all. Ima thinking NOT.

Ok, up here in about 25-30 miles just before we get to that dang rat race on the Interstate ,is a big ole flat pull out where truckers nap a bit.  Ima gonna stop and take me a siesta for several hours right here in the sleeper of Blackie. you are welcome to make yourself at home back in the box. Fridge is stocked, if you can hold a bite after cooper's. Water is hot if you want a shower, and the bed is made up, so just knock yourself out.Generator will start right up if you want to make coffee. It wont bother me I am use to hearing those reefer units run on trucks all night.

I plan on having a great day ,I hope you will join me 

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  1. I'm really enjoying the trip ! I have put Coopers BBQ in my favorites.