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Monday, March 1, 2010


Good by old friends, you have served me well.
You are just a tad to low for this 6'4" guy and tiny Little sink and cook top you are right in the middle of where the passage way to the control room is going to be.
Pantry ole bud, the gun club needs you so you will have a good home.All the rest of you cabinets can count on a major change in your life style.

I am tired of you guys just hanging around at all different heights.You are going to have to shape up or ship out. I will get to you guys after I get done with the front.

It is time for the bathroom walls to come down and the toilet to be turned
Looks like everything is working just like my yellow lap top said it would. Time to build the wall between the toilet and fridge compartment. Above the fridge will be pantry and below will be the power center with the converter and distribution center for both 12 and 110 volt.  I hate to waste good wood so I used the 2x4s and ply wood from the bathroom wall to make this.

  Now  I can turn the toilet and put the tile board on the shower and toilet walls.

This is being to look like I thought it would, and considering I am living in it and working on it things are not coming together to bad.

 Electrical panels below fridge
While I am on a roll I will frame up the passageway to the front of the truck( control room) and after I run all of the 12 volt  and 110 circuits that will go in the ceiling I can cover it with plywood and white tile board just like the bathroom.The passage way wont be cut until the box is set on the yet to be found truck.
Next it was time to move the hot water heater and plumb it in. Once that was done I could continue with the tile board across the front and curb side where the kitchen stove will set.
Frame up the cabinet top to the height that fits a guy 6'4"so that I am not bent over doing dishes or cooking.

Set in the new kitchen stove. A few day ago when I received the Sugar Doll award from Donna 

one of the things I was suppose to do was tell the Blog readers 10 things about me. Number 6. was
  "I never cooked a meal in my life until Jeanie and I got together in 2004" and here is the proof. This is my stove in the Winnie that I gave to the Homeless guy in Waco.
Things are different now. Jeanie loves good food and not just good food she likes it to be pretty too.

I can do that now

Tomorrow: Gaining on it

I plan to have a great day, I hope you will join me.

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  1. With the power of Love you can move mountains - no doubt, and Jeanie deserves that. So are you a handyman chef or a great cook handyman?
    Can;t wait for the next chapter.