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Tuesday, March 16, 2010


 We didn't waste anytime getting out of Gas city Truck stop.7 AM Started the generator and made a pot of coffee, filled the thermos drank it on the go. About 10:30 we stopped on that Mesa overlooking Las Cruces for a Breakfast of Bacon,eggs, pop open Biscuits and Jeanie taught me how to make Garvey. That was the start of me becoming a cook We took a little rest until about 1P.M.  I told Jeanie  to get settled in for a long ride. We drove about 25-30 miles and I made an exit to the Flying J. 

The RV Island was full so we just went on over to the truck Island and Fueled. The only reason I would have fueled at the RV Island would have been to dump. When we got fueled the Dump was vacant so we took care of that and set sail  Jeanie was giving  me a bad time about pulling her leg already, the long trip lasted 30 minutes. :-)she has grown very accustom to it now :-).

When I said set sail we did Just that, Traffic in El Paso was moving right along. I think the only time we got below 70 in El Paso was on that curve downtown. 307 miles later we pulled Jeanie's Bottle to a  halt at that big ole flat spot  just off the infernal - state 10 at U.S. 190. WHOO that's enough for today, we had sandwiches  with Texas Sweet tea and kicked back. Ima thinking Jeanie was beginning to wonder about her decision to go on the road. About 675 miles in just a tad over 12 hours with one fuel and dump stop and 2 1/2 hour breakfast break.

We had a fun day in spite of the hard driving, Anytime Jeanie had traveled in an RV before, she sat in a beach chair behind  the two front seats. She had never really been able to see the scenery,  The same thing with her van, she was always looking at the back of ears.That was not a problem for her now.  I took out the passenger seat and fitted her wheel chair lockdown so that  she would be right beside me and I could assist her with what ever she needed. For the first time in her life she was  setting right up there with the big boys / Girls and seeing it all, just a riding and gliding ..She loved it.

 We got a late Start the next morning, but that was on purpose. Jeanie thought the Reheated Cooper's BBQ I brought her, in California, was the best she had ever tasted. She  wanted to go there some time. Jeanie didn't know it but that's where she was headed for supper. When I got to Llano, TX I turned a block short of cooper's and came in from the back side. Her eyes got big as saucers when she came around the corner in her wheelchair and saw the Cooper's sign. 

After we had eaten an ample amount of  mouth watering BBQ and Blackberry cobbler, we bought some to go, and drove over to a little picnic area by Buchanan  Dam. We kicked back for the night. Jeanie didn't have Internet that first year on the road so she just played games on the computer. and watched TV. We didn't take any pictures of this part of the trip because we were just to busy enjoying each others company. I got a chance to show Jeanie all the same stuff I had shown Bud in December, only she had never seen it before.:-)

Tomorrow: Meeting  my family

I plan to have a great day, I hope you will join me.


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