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Monday, March 22, 2010


What the heck? only the floor of the trailer was done in 2 weeks. To say the least I was a tad upset. I went over and knocked on Winnie's door but no answer.

Being very careful to bypass Fire Ant Mounds on the way back to Jeanie's Bottle, I was probably very quiet. Thoughts were spinning through my head like race cars. It took a few minutes to get a grip on the situation and realize the first thing is nothing could be done about anything tonight. 

We didn't discuss it and wonder about what if or why, we ate supper and got a good nights sleep. I must admit that several time thoughts of " what the heck" did try to invade my serenity. Each time I turned my mind to something positive and I did sleep good.

The next morning after breakfast, I went over to the Winnie again. Still no Junior. This was a tad disturbing but right about then I decided we were  going to have a great day no matter what. 

I asked Jeanie if she would like to make a day of it doing a little sight seeing. She was all for that, after all we had just completed  a pretty full schedule.
Bluebonnets everywhere.
We drove around the back roads looking at all the wild flowers, checked out the Lake Waco C.O.E camping and ended up back in West,TX... No not West TX but the City of West on Infernal State 35.  Some say it is best known for the Great train wreck stunt but for me, it is the Little Czeck Bakery Kolache. OMG they are so good. Jeanie had never had a Kolache, so we bought a couple of smoked sausage Kolache for a snack and a bag full of mixed to go.

I  had in mind an early supper at Ed's truck stop at Elm Mott. They serve a platter size chicken fried steak with white gravy and fried okra. This was another first for Jeanie, she had never had Fried okra and was not real sure she wanted to try it.

It was a tad to early for supper when we got to the truck stop so we just walked around the little town until we got ready to  eat.Jeanie has been a big city girl all of her life, she was amazed to see people with chickens, and goats in the back yard. She also thought it was pretty cool.
 It was a nice quiet little town even if it was on the Infernal State.

We walked back to the restaurant and I ordered the chicken fried steak and okra for both of us. I had not told Jeanie how big they were and I told her if she didn't like the fried okra we would get her something else. she tried it and love it.:-)) The quart size Texas Sweet Tea did not have to be refilled and as Grandma use to say there was"A plenty" in the to go box.

Next we were off the the H.E.B. grocery store, a big Texas chain, to stock up on their Spring Water. Jeanie and I agreed it was the best we had ever tasted.  As we walked in I saw a sign that said Yellow meat Watermelons. I put one in the shopping cart and when Jeanie got back from her run to the produce section I told her I had bought a Yellow meat watermelon and they were almost as sweet as honey. She just smiled and said " You can't pull my leg on this one" I just smiled  and left it at that.

 I told her I had one more unusual sight I wanted to show her, and with that we were off to pick up our mail from the mail forwarding service.  I needed to add her name to the box so she could get her mail on the road too.I had spent a good part of the day pulling her leg about something or the other so she didn't know what to expect at the Mail service.
 Is this a blind man's nightmare or what?

 We picked up the mail and headed back to the gun club. It had been a fun day and come tomorrow I would be able to get the story on the trailer when the club opened for the 4-H Club  kids to practice.
 Look at the hair, about the time we got back to the club a little thunderstorm was approaching and the wind started to blow.  We retreated to Jeanie's bottle  and I set Jeanie up for another surprise.
The watermelon.
The yellow meat watermelon, Jeanie couldn't believe it and she was amazed at how sweet it was. She had to call home and tell her family about it.Her family had never heard of such a thing, they thought I was corrupting her.

Sometimes if you pull a leg just right, you really dont have to pull at all. ;-)))

Tomorrow: Making new plans.

I plan to have a great day, I hope you will join me.

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