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Sunday, March 14, 2010


I told you when I started this series that it had more side stories,than a train load of octopus has  arms Remember ?

Well here is a few of them that had  a great deal to do with the final out come of the story as a whole.
 " Big Red" a Popular talk show host from North West Iowa.
" It is done right"

Back in those days my life was somewhat hectic to say the least. People would bring stocks in at 6 PM and want it back at 7 AM so they could practice before the shoot started that day. The only Problem was I had all the work I could get done on my Bench already.
 Everybody's friend Marty, who is no longer with us, " Ya got it finished Red"
Most days at a major shoot I would open at 6:30 AM and might get to close by 2-3 AM. I loved it. I always said I will never retire, I want to  fall over dead with my last gun stock completed laying on the Bench. Let the guy have the work for free'
 Old friend John Norman, a retired Fireman from Waco TX,
" if that's my stock when they find you dead can I have a discount". lol

The things people make themselves belief ,when they are willing to only look at their own little "Ant Hill", and convince themselves they are happy as a Lark, what a shame. I didn't know that but in the next year I was about to learn it

So here we go one another octopus arm.  On November 1 2002, The new vendor trailer had been ordered for delivery May 1 2003. The plans had been sketched out and faxed to the factory, where they had Been drawn up professionally and faxed back to me for my approval.

I checked every line of specks and the drawings, right down to the wheel bearing caps, signed and sent them back. The Manger of the sales department called and took my deposit and faxed back a copy of the of spec sheet and drawings signed by us both, the trailer was under way.


 With the assurance of the Sales Department,that the trailer is ready, On May 1ST just before noon ,I arrive at the Factory in Central Texas to pick it up. I am one happy camper. One more month of the old trailer and setting up the tents. The Homeless guy, that I had given the old Winnie to, was on standby ready to complete the inside.

C & M factor #1: The Sales Manger gets back from lunch and takes me out to inspect my new trailer....... Whoooooo. this aint what I ordered. This trailer has Two little windows on the curd side like a food vendor trailer.  The Guy checks the spec sheet and say " Looks right to me". I look at the spec sheet and ask" who's signature is that?The wrong spec sheet had been attached to my order.

I  am back to the old trailer and tents. The sales manager tells me it will be another 6 months before he can possibly get the trailer on the production line. The side doors have not even been ordered because the original spec sheet had been misplaced. It took about 3 minutes to get my copy out of Blackie. OK so the right trailer is on the way and I can live with what I have for 6 more months, I have done it for years.

As I drove back to Waco Trailer-less, I realized that come November and December I was going to be very busy with the box and the shoots and Christmas in California. I was not going to have time to Over see the finish work on the trailer . They only plans for it were in my head and the parts to make it come together were scattered from Waco to San Antonio.

I called the sales Manger back and ask about delivery in February or March. He was most agreeable after the last mess up.

C & M FACTOR #2 

In September as Jeanie was transferring from her bed to her wheelchair ,her attendant walk away to do something else and Jeanie fell between the bed and wheel chair. Her right knee was fractured, due to the fusion of the joint due to arthritis,  the Doctors did not want to cast the leg and knee. They wrapped it with Ace bandages and put her on four months bed rest. she could not get out of bed or even dangle her legs over the bed.

C &M  FACTOR # 3
 while Jeanie was on bed rest for 4 months, the transmission went out in her sister's car, so Sherry borrowed Jeanie's  Van.
 On December 14, of 2003 as Sherry and her Daughter Brittney were returning home from a trip to visit  Jeanie. They were driving across the mountainous ,curved winding Ca highway 74  "The Ortega Highway". Some boulders suddenly came down the side of the hill and landed in the road. Sherry swerved to miss the boulders ,except for the right rear tire, which threw her in to the hill on the other side of the road. The van was totaled and Sherry and Brittney were not hurt.

 The accident was a minor inconvenience  for Jeanie. her Knee was still pretty tender and riding in a vehicle didn't feel really comfortable for her. We spent most of time at home once I arrived for Christmas. We did take a couple of quick outings
  Christmas in California.
"Are you ready to hit the Road?"

Shortly after Christmas her parents , who had been living with her and assisting her, ask me if I would say a while longer so they could go to  Parker and do some work on their house. The trailer was behind locked gates at the Austin gun Club and in very capable hand so I agreed.

We enjoyed the time together and it gave me a better idea of Jeanie's needs. She could get in her wheelchair by then, but GENTLE help was the key word here. When she went over a threshold she went very slowly and when we went for a walk she stopped at each joint in the side walk and very gently rolled across.

Our original  plans were to pick Jeanie up in the new Rig about February 1st go back to Texas work a few shoots, sight see a tad  and just generally wind down from the hectic schedule I had in the past.

C & M FACTOR # 4

On January 19,2004 I left Jeanie's home to return to Texas to get the box transferred to the new truck and the rest of the work complected.  When I arrived Jan 21st, the frame was stretched but no air or electrical lines were hook up or the bunks out of the condo or the hole cut in the back of the truck for the passage way.

To say I was a little hard to live with at this point would be like saying falling off a water tower was a slight tumble. This work had been paid for for months.I had known this guy for years and had no reason to doubt his honesty or abilities, that is why I choose his shop.

A few days less than 2 months Later, I drove the New rig,destine to become "Jeanie's bottle", out of the shop. It was suppose to have new Goodyear tires, new Alcoa wheels, compartments and paint. All paid for in advance. I had Used tires with 80% tread, used aluminum wheels, no compartments and no paint.

He handed me a bill for an additional $3500 and I was on the phone to the sheriff's Department. They told him he couldn't hold the truck because I had a signed contract and the work had been paid in advance. They also told me that he would not file a lien because he had between 30-40 judgments against him at the courthouse already.They said my best bet was just be happy I had the truck because suing him would be a waist if time.

Jeanie's Mom was pitching a fit for me to get back, She told Jeanie that I was probably not coming back, She told me I had to get back soon because she just couldn't help Jeanie much more.

I got back on March 18th and  on March 21,2004 about 3PM Jeanie and I left in "JEANIE'S BOTTLE" to be together 24/7.
Two roads had Finally  become one and we were ready for a whole new life of adventures together.
 We are out of here... hello Austin

Tomorrow: Off at a snail pace.

I plan to have a great day ,I hope you will join me.

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