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Friday, February 12, 2010


Looks like it is spring time here in Orange county. The back yard is in bloom and Jeanie thinks it is time for some spring redecorating. I think she got the Idea from My very old friend Lavetta on Facebook.

Now when I said "old" I probably should have said "long time friend" I remember when Lavetta started to school at Pringle,Texas. I was in High school when she started first grade. We rode the same bus to Pringle and then I got on another bus and went to Stinnett.

 My family's home was ,by road,2 1/2 miles from Pringle and Lavetta's home was about maybe 5-6 miles from pringle. SOOOOO, in the mornings Lavetta had already been on the bus for a bit before  I got on the bus. When I got on the Bus Lavetta moved next to me. In the afternoon she started out setting next to me.

Pringle was a Small school so we had small buses about the size of an Airport shuttle and a couple about the size of an SUV and always vacant seats.

Lavetta was a cute little kid and everyone like her, BUT... this kid  could ask more questions in 2 1/2 miles than all the rest of the kids on the bus put together.In those days I was still trying to be polite and helpful, so I answered to the best of my ability.

During football season I didn't ride the bus home after school because we were in practice. The rest of the year I rode the bus morning and afternoon. Where ever I set Lavetta set. If I set next to someone she didn't mind asking them to move so she could set next to me, and ask questions and more questions.
 This girls questions were like a hail of bullets from a machine gun.

The first day of school my Senior year when I got on the bus it was strangely quite  except for the usual small talk about summer vacation. Lavetta was missing......  When I stepped off that bus on the last day of school that year, I swear I heard Lavetta say" What are you going to do Now" I remember stopping and taking one last look to see if she was there. I had missed her that year.

 At about 4 P.M. today that has been 48 years 9 months and 15 days.  Lavetta I am going to redecorate the bathroom. We just got a new Sears Red and Pink Valentine sale  circular, flier, ad or what ever you choose to call it,in the mail yesterday. SOOO I am going to take the old Black and White Sears catalog ( necessary paper) out of the bathroom and replace it with the new Red and Pink Necessary paper so you can see where I live as requested on Facebook.  LOL

I plan on have a great redecorating day, I hope you will join me 



  1. Oh my gosh! I am so honored to have been the focal point of your blogging today. And humbled. You have to remember that as a child - I had no one to talk to 'cept self and self was mightily tired of me by the time I started school. Bob Lorenz's mother told my mom that I had the potential to be a fine student, however, she couldn't keep me down in my seat. Apparently, I stood in the chair of my desk and demanded to be talked to and listened to.
    Now then, one has to wonder, since you were the guru I spoke to about all my questions in life, are you responsible too for my opinions? Now that gives you pause doesn't it?
    And aren't you glad you took the time to talk to a little girl and form a lifelong friendship? I know I am glad that a "big dog" like yourself had time for a stringy haired little spud like me. For no matter how many ways, or how many times we might differ I know that if I needed you - you would give me your best shot. And, likewise, so would I. The older I grow the more I learn that old friends can often be your best friends. The friends that knew you when you were raw material still being built. Chances are if they liked you then, they will really like the finished product.
    I have to say that I am inspired by your desire to redecorate the one seater. If you need wallpaper selections, I have quite a stockpile of Big Lots fliers and Pizza Coupons that I think would lend such a nice ambiance to your motif.
    Red, you make me laugh and Jeanie always makes me smile to just think about her. I hope that even though my blog may not always be your cup of tea, you enjoy having a little window on my world as I do yours. I will try to be better about commenting as it makes me sad to see that people have visited and not stopped to say hello.
    I love you guys a lot. Thanks for making ME feel special today, strangely enough I really needed some positive reinforcement today. You did fail to mention that I was the undefeated Hula Hoop Champion of Pringle. Bet you didn't even know that did you? : )

  2. I posted a big long comment and it got blown away. Whazzup with that? I will try to reconstruct it when I get over being PO'd.