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Saturday, February 27, 2010


The memory of the legal size yellow lap top was almost full, only about two blank pages left. :-) It was time to get another yellow legal pad and start making a list of the material that I needed and the material that I had. The Bed, the closet, the floor were all done. The custom made 110 gallon fresh water tank to go under the bed was waiting for me at El Monte Plastic in California. The lift was in, the back doors were off and the new back end was complete.


The back, complete with Jeanie's big window but that was one long step if you went out the back door. That would change when the other truck was under the box. 

 The small non opening windows at both the head and foot of the bed had been replaced with new large vertical slide windows.

 The time was fast approaching that I was going to have to take out the existing cabinets. The fresh water storage tank was in a hidden compartment between the shower and the front of the box on the street side, about a foot from the TINY little sink. I was hooked to city water so I couldn't see a problem with getting the fresh water tank out of my way. There was a problem... it was to big to come out of the door of the compartment. Scratch that idea for now.
The hot water heater was on the curb side at the very front, just opposite of where  I wanted it to be. I wanted it under the future kitchen sink, which is where the water storage tank is.I think I need to check my eyelids for leaks and think this out....... I need to take a shower everyday and in the Texas heat maybe two or three times a day. Not having a shower was not an option.
I plumbed in my new city water connection that came from under the bed ,where the water tank would be. I ran a cold water line along the wall behind the closet and shower pan to just past the toilet and put a tee in the line.I plumbed in a new water line to the toilet from one outlet of the tee and ran a short length of garden hose from the other outlet of the tee to the cold water supply at the hot water heater. Another short section of garden hose from the hot side of the water heater to the shower valve and it was ready for action.I had run the cold water line to the shower when  did the rest of the cold water lines. The shower was ready except for the drain and a shower curtain.  I laid several pieces of nylon string from the closet to the toilet behind the shower pan, just in case I needed to pull some electrical wire through the chase.Stainless steel screws held the shower pan in place. I marked and cut the floor for the drain. The drain looked  professionally done from the shower pan to the underside of the box. OMG from there on it was a nightmare of reducers, elbows, glue, duct tape and garden hose. It worked...  With the temporary shower drain I watered the trees at the gun club. Mom you would have been proud of me if you had seen that piece of engineering ;-)

Tomorrow;  Out with the old ,in with the new. 

I plan to have a great day, I hope you will join me


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  1. Looking good. Waiting for the next update, Happy Trails, Penny, TX