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Thursday, February 25, 2010


As much as I disliked spending more time in central Texas,it appeared to be the best thing to do until I got Jeanie's bottle completed. All of the major parts suppliers I needed were between Dallas/Ft worth and San Antonio. I decided that I would just work the gun clubs in that area.  I based out of Waco and worked. Ft Worth, Dallas, Waco ,Austin and San Antonio  clubs. I still need my mid summer break in Amarillo.That was about all I wanted to handle  because of the set up break down time for the shoots. That schedule gave me plenty of time to work on the "Box"

A little history on Blackie. Blackie had spent his entire life, except for the last 3 years, within the Chicago metro area as a refrigerated delivery truck.  Blackie's home for the 3 years before I bought him had been Clifton,Texas. His owner had grown tired of the project of making a camper out of Blackie. Blackie made 2 trips to Utah and several to the Texas Coast. His owner made ramps  that fit on the back and would drive a Harley, a jeep, and a couple of ATVs inside Blackie, anchor them down, close the doors and away he would go.

When he got wherever he was going he would unload, throw down air mattresses and it was a done deal. He had a shower, toilet, cook top and a tiny sink. He also has a 8,000 watt generator to run the AC if he wanted it. Blackie had 2 electrical outlets, 2 lights, lots of cabinets and about 10 push lights.

 Blackie was the 13th big truck that I had owned and worked pretty well  for my Boar's nest except the floor and air mattress . I had a blazing picture in my mind of me headed to to bathroom in the middle of the night and splitting my foot wide open on the angle iron anchors. Before I gave winnie to the homeless guy, I put a new floor in Blackie then a box springs and mattress, a used lazy boy, built a closet for hanging clothes with two drawers below and replaced a light with a ceiling fan light combination.


Back doors open looking in on right side   Before and after

Below is the left side before and  after.
 The original floor was 1 1/2 inch thick oak floor, I added a 3/4 underlay and vinyl tile.

Next came the Mattress and foundation,ceiling fan,recliner and about 3 days later the closet.

Before and after ceiling fan
And then with the closet, the Boar's nest was complete

 I already had a full size house shower, a toilet,a cook top and tiny sink.

Two burner cook top and TINY sink.

Full size shower across from the toilet. The bathroom had a 24 inch door.

Ima thinking I aint gonna get a 27 inch wide wheelchair in here.

Tomorrow: Building it for Jeanie
I plan on having a great day, I hope you will join me.

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