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Saturday, February 20, 2010


Yesterday, we left Jeanie in the hospital recovering from a wheelchair accident that had left her with a crushed thigh and knee and a severe head injury. She was now having seizures and could not read. 

Her Doctor put her in speech therapy although she could speak fine. She just couldn't connect the dots when reading, this has improved over time. She has never regained  the ability to read as she did before the accident.  She can read and has found other things to occupy her mind and use as a " Diversion for  Pain".Jeanie now plays games on the computer and listens to Willie's Place and old time radio on her XM radio
 Jeanie was able to get back  in her wheelchair after about  four month bed recuperation time. She did not want to leave the house and found that to be quite odd for her. Jeanie and Ray made excuses for her not wanting to leave the house.
 She was having Panic attacks, the two things that she had counted on most had failed her, her mind and her wheelchair.The wheelchair was a loaner, while her new wheelchair was being built. She did not want to admit to her friends and family  that her mind had defeated her. Jeanie started the Baby Steps again. She would drive her wheel chair into the garage and stay as long as she could. Her heart would start to race and she couldn't catch her breath, she would turn around and go back. Later  that day or maybe the next day or the day after that she would try to go a little further.
It took several months for her to go to the end of the Block going a few feet further each time and turn around and run back to the house as fast as her wheelchair would go.Jeanie was still having seizures everyday and at times several times each day. After about a year she was able to go  the short distance to town alone in what she describes as the fasted trip she ever made to town. She was still having seizures from once to twice a month.
Jeanie continues to improve even after all these years. she can read much better now  but she does not enjoy it the way she once did. She has no problem recognizing  and pronouncing the words. It is  impossible for her to read and retain, she becomes very frustrated with this. She has learned from her  blind x- husband to listen to the books read on the radio or other audio books, She  enjoys that very much.  Memories from the past return now and then and she has a sparkle in her eye as she recalls parts of her life what had been lost.Once they come back they are back to stay.
The tragic accident  did not take away her intelligence  or ability to reason,it only took away lots of memories and the ability to read as she had previously. When the wheelchair company settled with Jeanie she knew that this was her one chance to secure her future. She started looking for a home to buy where she would be close to Doctors, medical facility, pharmacies, food stores and other shopping. Jeanie knew that at some point in her life she might become bedridden. She did not want to be looking at a blank wall out of a window from a bed in an care facility. She searched until  she found and bought a three bedroom home in 1997 with a large master bedroom that had a huge window over looking a beautiful greenbelt with trees and birds.
Jeanie's view from her bedroom window.
 Jeanie and Ray when they moved in their new home.
  Jeanie and  her husband Ray lived there until the marriage ended in 2002. Jeanie continues to live there when she is is in California. 

Tomorrow we are going to leave Jeanie for a bit and go visit the road I was traveling. The road that would meet with Jeanie's road and become one road that we traveled together.

I plan to have a great day, I hope you will join me


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  1. I'm really enjoying reading about this journey. Thank you for sharing this.