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Monday, February 15, 2010


  Jeanie was Born in  Pomona,Ca and has spent her life ,except for traveling, in Los Angeles and Orange county California.
Jeanie 6 months old.

Jeanie's first birthday party.
At the age of 18 months Jeanie complained to her mother of boo boos on her right foot.  The boo boos continued  to move to her left foot, her ankles, legs  and her hips.  Her Doctors  could not determined what was crippling her and causing the terrible pain.
Jeanie at 2

 By the time this picture was taken Jeanie had been using the crutches you saw in yesterdays blog  for about 6 Months.

At around 5 years old the doctors determined she was one of the 3 cases of Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis in the state of California. You can see in this picture, at her 5th Birthday party, that it had already started to take a major toll on her hands and her right foot. The treatments she had received had made her very sick.

Jeanie was March of Dimes Poster Girl for Arthritis in 1959-60.


Jeanie met lots of celebrates at the March of Dimes Telethon.
Jeanie and Jock Mahoney who played "Yancy Derringer"

Jeanie and Doug McClure " The Virginian"

Jeanie and Sheriff Bill, John Rovick, a Local Kids TV star on KTTV IN Los Angeles. Jeanie was still walking with crutches at this point and only part time in a wheelchair. This was her first personal wheelchair bought by her parents at a second hand store after Governor Ronald Regan ended the State "loaner wheelchair program". Nice guy that Ronnie huh. This chair was so big both Jeanie and her younger sister could ride in it at the same time.

Life was not about to get any better for Jeanie any time real soon. She spent about 1/2 of her life in hospitals until age 14. She was around  many medical people day in and day out year in and year out. Jeanie  is a very intelligent lady and soon learned to communicate with them on their level. She was very mature and intelligent for her age.Jeanie would sometimes get to go home for a week-end.On the way back to the hospital her parents would stop at a ice cream store, and they would have an ice cream cone to just prolong the time a few minutes.
Jeanie spent many Holidays and Birthdays  in the Hospital. She Usually got to go home Christmas day. On her birthday her mother would have a birthday Party for  the entire ward she was in with each child including her getting a small gift.

 Tomorrow the story continues
I plan to have a Great day, i hope you will join me.



  1. Wow - a beautiful tribute to a very strong and wonderful woman.

  2. With all of that it is admirable her positive attitude to life, and amazing willing power.