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Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I was starting to think that I was about to get this runaway business back under control. Blackie would pull that 10,000 pound trailer at 83 miles per hour up hill and down, while getting 8 MPG. WOW.... double the mileage of winne and about 30 miles an hour faster.

The new trailer was ordered and would be ready to pick up at the factory in about 6 months. I figured I could get it customized to suit my needs in about a month.I would have it ready for the Texas state Trap shoot in July and then I could get the heck out of Texas, I could live with that.

I  was informed that if I was going back on the road that I would be doing it alone. Well now that was a no brainier, stay in the Texas humidity,  heat,  hail, tornadoes ,ice storms, Fire Ants and wind with this lady or travel alone... hellooooo Arizona.

Joking aside, I did have some issues  I needed to work out. I really wanted to go to Redlands, Ca for the Thanksgiving shoot and then back to Arizona  and work some shoots there until the New years shoot at Casa Grande.  I also was working on getting 5 more stores set up at clubs in Texas.

When I mentioned on my SINGLE NOMADS GROUP that I might be coming to California, Jeanie invited me for Thanksgiving dinner with her family.   

She told me that she was in a wheelchair and gave me a crash course in JRA and ask me if I was sure I wanted to come. I said sure and starting to make plans to travel to CA.
 Another no brainier.. head ole Blackie toward California.  wait... I have worked pretty hard at getting those clubs to put in the stores....what to do... what to do.... well what I did was fly to California for Thanksgiving
Getting ready to go to California. My Barber in Florance,Texas is actually the forth or fifth great Grandson of Wyatt Earp.

The first time I saw Jeanie, she was  over by the chairs waiting for me to come  down the stairs at the airport. She looked like an angel I walk up to her, knelt down on one knee and  kissed her.What wheelchair,I didn't see the wheelchair and I still don't unless I am driving it and run over my toes.
It was thanksgiving and where ever we went everything was already decorated for Christmas.

We also had a chaperon, the family was not to sure about this Texas "Gun Runner"   It really was not a bad Idea, Jeanie had some special needs that I might not have been able to handle the way they should be handled.

We had a great thanksgiving and made plans to get together at her Parents home in Parker,AZ for New Years.
Jeanie sent  me these pics of her on Christmas. notice the green Grass and Fake icicles.

Not fair!!!! I have dead grass and real icicles in Texas.

I was as busy as a three legged cat with diarrhea, trying to get the stores set up in the gun clubs before Christmas.Then I  worked a Christmas shoot and fitted all the new Christmas present guns, before I flew to Arizona to meet Jeanie for a late New years. 

On the day that I flew  to Arizona, I rode my Motorcycle to the Barber shop. That was Texas's quota of nice days for the year ;-)  

 Jeanie and I on her Parents front patio before the whirlwind tour.

 Downtown Oatman,AZ


Lake Havasu City,we found a nice quite spot away from the London Bridge.

The wedding chapel at the Desert Bar  near Parker ,AZ
No we didn't.
We had a great  5 days and decided we were going to try to make a go of it.
 Tomorrow: All days in Texas aint bad and moving mountains. 

I plan on having a great day, I hope you will join me.


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  1. It sounds like from this point and on everything was pretty much obvious for the two of you. It was love at first sight, and your excitement of reliving the moment is taking shape and life from in between the words.