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Friday, February 19, 2010


Yesterday we left a very sick Jeanie at her 40th birthday party. 

Jeanie had started taking Reglan,a medication for nausea, in early 1992. She began to slowly go down hill. In July of 1993 she was in the Hospital again. She was so weak that she could not set up or feed herself. She grew even weaker and could not chew her food or lift  her arms. The Doctors told her Husband to notify the family that she was not going to make it.

Her family all gathered for a "Going away party" at the Hospital. The Hospital where she had spent so much of her life since she was about 10, agreed to let the family have a party on the patio outside.They rolled her bed out to the patio and the party was on. Jeanie thought it was a big waste of time.
Jeanie and her parents and siblings

Jeanie and the Clan

 She knew that she was not going to die. She knew it was not her time but she could not convey the words. She never gave up and she was wishing she could eat some of the food, because it smelled so good. Jeanie was also sad because she could not tell her Family that she was coming back and for them to quit crying. A few days later a new Doctor that specialized in medications came in to visit Jeanie. He ask Ray ,Jeanie's Husband, what medication she was put on last. Ray told him Reglan. The Doctor took her off Reglan immediately. Within 36 hours she was in her wheelchair. She was better ,even if she was tied in with a sheet. When her sister showed up, Jeanie ask for a cherry Coke... She was on the way again. Yea For Jeanie!!!!!

  On October 31,1994 Jeanie was in her wheelchair on the way to do some grocery shopping. The wheelchair was a belt driven type and had no brakes. When you let off the joy stick the electric motor stopped, stopping the wheelchair.  The sidewalk was sloped to the right toward the street and slightly down hill.
The drive pulley and belt circled in Red.The wheelchair had one on each side.

The belt on the right side of the wheelchair broke and the belt on the left side was loose and would not stop the wheelchair.  Jeanie in her wheelchair rolled off the curb crashing into the street with Jeanie landing on her left forehead and left knee in the first lane of traffic near the gutter.
Jeanie was terrified that a car would run over her and kept pleading "Move me don't let them run over my brain". Jeanie's back was to the oncoming traffic and she  could hear the cars rushing at her but she could not see them. She was terrified.

A unknown man saw the accident happen and stopped to help. Jeanie pleaded with him to set  her wheelchair up and pick her up and  set her in it because she didn't want to be run over. The man  was afraid of being sued and reluctantly gave in and as soon as he accomplished her wishes he took off at her request. 

 Jeanie had severe injuries to her head, and left knee and thigh. She was in the hospital for a month. The first week the Doctors ordered parts to put her thigh back together. On the third day she had a grand maul seizure.

 When the parts came in they were to big and had to be reordered.  The doctors kept her under heavy sedation because she was in extreme pain.
At the end of the second week they did the surgery to install the plate on her shattered thigh. She had 3 more seizures in the next 2 weeks before she was released. 
 The scar from surgery on Jeanie's left thigh and knee.

It was " Baby steps" time in Jeanie's life for the second time. She could no longer read. Reading had been one of the most important things in her life.  Before the accident Jeanie would set in her wheelchair and travel around the world, go back in time,and solve mysteries all in her beloved books. Now they were just a pile of words that she could no longer put together. She couldn't follow  the three simple steps on the box  to bake brownies.
Tomorrow: On the way back AGAIN

I plan to have a great day, I hope you will join me


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