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Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I don't know who the dang fool was that said they never wanted to retire and set around in a rocking chair, that don't fit us for sure. Today we are hopping like a Frog in the freeway. I have just started to make our 15 passager van into a day camper, the key word here is just. All of the parts came in to do the 4 battery storage bank, so that we have electric for Jeanie's- cpap, lights,and our portable fridge.

Here is how the rocking chair day goes to day and most days. 7 A.M. alarm for Jeanie's meds, make coffee, feed and water RV Kitty, he gets fresh food and fresh spring water twice a day, spoiled rotten cat. Get Jeanie dressed and setting on the edge of the bed and her rolling computer desk in front of her. Slug down some coffee and make breakfast, waiting for the temperature to get up a little, 51 at 7A.M.. 50 is my cut off for shorts, and I hate long pants. Start measuring cutting and crimping end on the battery cables to hook up the inverter. 12 noon Jeanie's meds and time for showers, get us dressed and off to physical therapy from 2 until 3:30. Back to the shop for work on the van until the 5:00 alarm for Jeanie's meds and start supper.

We will just have to see how it goes from there for the rest of the day. We had our Honda 1000 generator ,carburetor converted to propane and it should be in today, so I need to get that put on.

We have a dear friend in AZ. who is in need of some help and 2 couples of our internet friends are already there doing a great job of getting things in order but there is an eletrical problem and they don't feel comfortable dealing with that so We have a rush on, to get to van "livable " so we can get on down there and work on the Electrical problem.

Gotta go, catch you later in the day.. I plan on having a great day ,I hope you will join me


Part 2 
I got all the Batteries wired in and the inverter hooked up and the isolator hooked up. What all that means is the 4 battery bank is now charging off the alternator when we are driving and the 120 volt Led rope lights the we use for interior lighting in the van come on when I flip the switch.... How in the heck do you reckon that all worked like it was suppose to on the first try?... The only thing that would make it better is if I had the solar panels mounted on top of the van so the batteries would be charging when we are setting still in the warm California, Az, or NM sun..I do love that solar.

All in all it has been a graet day for us... We certainly hope yours was too


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