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Sunday, January 3, 2010


When it comes to writing, spelling, sentence composition, verbs, adverbs,nouns, pronouns, punctuation and the such this may well be the worse Blog out there. If My English 1 and 2 teacher had not been my Football  line coach's wife I would have not made it. I am still of the opinion that a Dangling participle is a blotched circumcision job. If you are looking for precision like a well oiled machine, I suggest you might want to check out my friend Lavetta's blog "THE CHERRY BOWL"  . We went to school together. She was in the 4th grade when I graduated.LOL She didn't play football but I think she was a Cheerleader and the Cheerleader coach or what ever she was called didn't teach English, so Lavetta knows all the correct stuff..

Yesterday was an absolutely gorgeous day here in the "OC', 76 degrees at 4:15 PM.  The doors and windows were all open and RV Kitty was sitting at one of his favorite spots, the front screen door watching the world go by. I used the time to trim back the Hollyhocks and watered all the plants including my Milo crop that came up from the bird seed that we throw out in the back for the Doves and Finches. That Milo makes we think I am back on the Farm at Pringle,TX

We are redoing our flower beds to use succulents since California has a mandatory water reduction law in effect . Our Bougainvillea on either side of the fountain look a little scraggly( is that a word Mrs. M?) this time of year due to the lack of long hours of sunlight. We are planting a lot of kalanchoes  because they are low maintenance succulents and bloom year round.We also have a large Jade plant and our 32 year old Spider plant.

Today we have a friend we met in our Boondocking with solar Yahoo group coming by for me to do a small repair job on her Motor Home " Bella". Bella has developed  a leak at the connection of the dump valve and the gray water holding tank.

This brings to mind a story from Many years ago when I was still on the road working. I was living in Port Saint Luci,FL and had just worked a shoot in Tampa and was headed back to P.S.L. with my ole Winnie pulling my shop trailer. Somewhere  not to far East of Tampa were two sets of rougher than heck railroad tracks. I had crossed them many times at a very slow speed. This time I was still thinking about a job I had done at the shoot and hit those suckers at about 60. When I recovered from the bounce I looked back and saw a nasty looking mist in the air, on the side of "Winnie"and my shop trailer, the car behind me had it's wipers going full speed. I pulled over to the shoulder to see what damage was done to Winnie but first I had to deal with a very angry girlfriend that was following me. Her pride and joy Chrysler had taken a direct hit of  about 30 gallons of black water, for you non campers that is what goes down your toilet. She never let me forget that I really pooped on her.
  I do remember from Mrs. Malone's English class that she said "If you have to write a paper and don't know what to write about just  pick a letter, write it on the paper and go from there". It works, thank you Mrs Malone
Winnie and my shop trailer

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  1. Oh my gosh! I am so honored that you linked to my Blog! I will have to be more committed to actually posting more often. I am enjoying your "ramblings" tremendously and I will try to live up to your endorsement of my thoughts! Love you guys!