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Thursday, January 28, 2010


Looks like we made it again. Jeanie is back up in her wheelchair for the first time since we got home Sunday Morning. It took a little adjustment of medications,a lot of heat packs and some home physical therapy to stretch her muscles but she is a tough lady and is on the way back to professional physical therapy on Friday.
  The 4 worse things for her Dystoina is  cold, stress/drama, being tired and being startled. She had an ample dose of 3 of the 4 on the Douglas trip.
  When we are in Jeanie's bottle on the road or here at the sticks and bricks home I work my schedule around her. While we were at Douglas that kinda got all out of whack. Jeanie does an exceptional job of covering her pain. I was hopping like a frog on the freeway and by the time I realized what was happening we almost had a crisis on our hands.
  Shortly after Jeanie told me that we had to leave soon because the pain was about to get the best of her and she didn't want to go to an ER where they probably had never even heard of Dystonia,  she was hit by a moderately strong Dystonia storm.
  We both realized that we had a serious problem on our hands and started to do all the things we knew that would help. Jeanie started  controlled breathing and pain control techniques that she had been taught and I was getting microwavable heat packs and rubbing and stretching muscles in the opposing direction that they were pulling.
  After about 30 minutes we got the storm under control, Jeanie was exhausted and I was not far behind. Jeanie had a pretty good nights sleep after she took her nighttime meds.
  Saturday mourning  I had to lift her into her wheel chair and she stayed in it until we got to Tuscon. After we ate in Tucson she laid down and stayed in bed until about 7:30 A.M.Sunday, just outside of Indio.She had a somewhat comfortable ride the rest of the way to the Sticks and Bricks.
 The RV KITTY was happy to see us even though he had great care by our nephew while we are gone. He really does not like for us to be out of his sight for to long.

All is well that ends well :-)
  I plan to have a great day, I hope you will join me


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